How Is It Working With Your Crush When Your Crush Is Your Boss?


boss employee relationship, boss, flirting, work ethics, proper behavior

While hearing my neighbors singing love songs in the videoke late in the evening, I got inspired to write about how it feels working with your crush and what should be the right attitude.

Well, for someone to have a crush in their workplace or on their workmate is not a new deal, but when your boss is your crush, it’s something a little crazy.

That Crazy Feeling

We got a new consultant in the office and he’s a damn hot French guy. I mean, he is gorgeous and whenever he is around I can’t help my heart not to beat fast. I get nervous, and the way he stares is hypnotizing.

Tall and slender. He’s 31 and technically single. Whenever he talks, you can’t just not listen to him. He looks mysterious. With that, who wouldn’t like him? In fact, many in the office are also moved by his presence.

Perhaps, I am overwhelmed and because he is a new person in the office, but fact remains that I, or should I say we, am into him. I got a crush on him. 

Working with your crush boss kind of urges you to always seek for his approval. You tend to always want to know his opinion about everything you do.

This just reminded of those I’ve watched from movies where an employee flirts with her good-looking boss and eventually they get laid.

Not that I intend to do that because first and foremost I don’t have the capability and even if I do have I still wouldn’t do such thing, I just kind of imagine what if?

boss employee relationship, boss, flirting, work ethics, proper behavior

Behavior Checking

Nevertheless, I come to remind myself and hopefully you as well, what should be the right attitude and behavior towards your boss in the workplace, no matter how much you like him.

First and foremost, you must remember and always bear in mind that he is your boss, thus he must be treated like a boss.

What I mean is you must act decently.

Work is work!

You must not mix it up with romance. You can’t be startled all that time he is around. Nor give him a hint that you like him because if you do, two things could happen.

First, he will reciprocate positively or second and the worse thing is he would think you are not taking your job seriously. If he does like you back, maybe he can forgive you whenever you can’t focus on your job. But, what if he doesn’t?

You must not compromise your job just because you want him to notice you. You have to give your full attention to your job. Though it can be inevitable to get excited, you must know your limits.

In fact, some if not all companies do not allow the boss-subordinate relationship for some good reason.

It’s not that I’m saying you can’t have a crush on your boss, but you have to really know your place and make sure it doesn’t compromise the quality of your job and your working ethics.   

So to my crush boss, expect my dedication and commitment to my job, and you will remain my inspiration.

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3 thoughts on “How Is It Working With Your Crush When Your Crush Is Your Boss?

  1. yeah i agree to this. it’s a tough situation to work on. @K.N.Myst i agree with you, what u said above is true. And we should not let our crush or love blind our work we do…. have a nice day…

  2. Yes, I agree! It is hard to do your duty, say for example, if you like someone at your church. While Church is the place of worship to God, and yet we may find our future spouses there etc. Yet to always keep in mind and heart the reason why we exist, for God, and why we go to Church at all, which hopefully it is for God too. But yeah. Those situations surely are tough. Which is why I like to tell people the blunt straight truth whether or not I feel or would ever feel something for them, especially if it were divinely treaded, you see. But yes, it is hard to find that balance. I would suggest always remembering who it is we all exist for, which is God the Father, who brought is into being at all. I wish you a blessed day, love ❤️

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