Women To Understand Men: Think About This Before Flaunting Your Body

     A post addressed to ladies is going viral on Facebook.  The post talks about how men think of women flaunting her body.

     May it serve as an eye opener to women who are too proud showing off their bodies in the social media. The post goes like this:

Dear ladies,
There is one thing I want you to understand about us MEN.

When you post half- naked pictures of yourself on Facebook, doing a sexy pose, or showing us your boobs or lying seductively on your bed…The only thing you are doing is making us feel lust about you.

I know you will feel excited about the 500 Likes, 120 sweet Comments and countless inbox messages you will receive and you will feel so high more so to be on top of the world.
BUT ONE IMPORTANT THING YOU SHOULD KNOW, in reality, none of those guys who will like and comment on your photo or send you messages in your inbox loves you. They are just lust about using and dumping you. In fact they hate you because none of them would take you to his home to be his wife. Trust me they take you as a whore looking for cheap popularity on facebook.

Men whether rich or poor admire ladies who dress decently and respect themselves.
Decent clothing that reveals less about your body makes us love and respect you.
It tells us that you are a virtuous woman and a wife material one would take home to be a mother.
It tells us how you were brought up morally and gives us details about your good family background.

We don’t really care alot about your excessive make-ups and face paintings??
A good wife material remains no matter what.
Value your Body, Be real and Respect yourself.
And a good man who will respect you will find you whatsoever.

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30 thoughts on “Women To Understand Men: Think About This Before Flaunting Your Body

  1. Women have not done themselves any favors by making themselves so accessible. Posing like a slut empowers women??? Really???? I thought women were fighting to be appreciated not as sex objects but for themselves as people, for their intelligence, their gifts, their skills, and yes, their beauty — but you can be beautiful without exposing everything to the world in general. It’s narcissism and a pathetic bid for attention. They’re getting attention alright, but in the end, is it the kind of attention they really want and need? As the author wisely points out, it’s love that human beings are really craving, and what these women are getting here is not the kind of love that will fulfill them in their hearts and souls. It’s a fleeting, cheap thrill. So sad! Certain standards of behavior may change over the years, but basic decency and morality are what give human beings dignity.

    1. Thank you Ma’am Gloria for taking time to read and leave your comment. I truly appreciate it. And, I am touched by your firm disposition on this matter. I am hopeful that millennial women would learn the kind of values being share.
      God bless you 🙂

  2. Heyyy.. April.. I don’t actually agree with that guy’s comment..
    And he is not giving us women enough credit.. I’m sure most of us women who flaunt our selves seductively…is not expecting to be loved.. But is just having some fun teasing these men and playing their sexual games of stimulation..
    And those of us with beautiful assets.. Should flaunt it.. If it gives us some satisfaction of knowing we can command any man out there… And able to give them a stir..
    AfterallI. It’s all virtual.. And very innocent..
    And just so you know… These guys do reciprocate… And we don’t fall in love with them.. We just smile and enjoy the beauty of these men.. Chiseled chest.. Ect…

    Just my opinions..

    Just saying.. We are not looking for a husband.. Or a relationship.. It’s just for the fun of it..
    Give us some credits… We know exactly how. You men think..

  3. I 100% agree.
    I think it’s very foolish for people to think that flaunting their bodies empower women. It absolutely does not. And even if on the small chance that it does empower us, it’s the very lowest form of empowerment we could get. Why not use our education, or personality, or skills… etc etc. That’s empowering women. Using your body to get what you want, is the oldest trick in the book, and has done nothing for us.
    Thanks for sharing this. Great read! Xx!
    https://crumbsandglamour.com/2016/07/08/dear-fergie-please-shut-your-milf-mouth/ ||| That’s an article I wrote regarding similar interests. I’d love for you to take a read and let me know what you think.

    1. It’s just a matter of choice…
      And how confident we are with our bodies…
      And just how open we are sexually.. It’s not foolish.. To those who have fun doing it.. And it does empower us.. When these men compliment and like what we have to offer…

      Just a matter of choice…

  4. I wonder if men want to hear what we think about them? Sometimes I get tired of hearing what men want and how much they are weak. Now I am not saying that women should be flaunting their bodies but it is still their call

  5. Okay, so I toyed with not responding to this or leaving a comment, but honestly, I’m so affected by this I kind of can’t ignore it.

    Yeah, I have to disagree with this. A lot. I know a lot of women who post photos of themselves in lingerie or whatever (myself included) who are doing so to empower other women, or maybe just to empower themselves. It’s a man’s prerogative to figure out how he feels about that, but they aren’t posted for men, they are posted for other women.

    This kind of post just allows the narrative that men have the decision over what is acceptable behaviour for a woman – which is completely unacceptable. Also, even if a woman was posing for attention from male admirers, she should be allowed to do so without this kind of reaction because ITS HER BODY and her choice to do with it what she should. Who are we, as fellow women, to judge how this woman wants to lead her life? Any negativity towards her is a reflection on the person giving the negativity. In having herself in a sexual position or without clothes on or even if the woman posts a full blown video of her having sex with another man, she’s showing respect to herself.

    Honestly, from one woman to another, please stop perpetuating the ideal that a man has a say over a woman’s body and behaviour.

    1. Hi Dear. I truly appreciate your effort sharing your opinion on this matter and I respect your point of view. It’s just that we have different insights maybe because of the culture?. Anyways, thanks for dropping by. It’s good to know even women have different opinion on this. God bless you 🙂

  6. Thank you thank you for writing this post. So tired of see selfies with boobs hanging out. Our bodies are our temples and special. Cover it up ladies and respect yourself.

  7. This is intriguing, I understand where the guy is coming from but honestly if a women desires to be admired then why not? Honestly what if the women models or her career has to do with this images? Just sounds like old morals which don’t neccesarily apply to todays society. Just because a women exposes herself does not mean she is not wife material; you don’t necessarily know her to judge her like that; some individuals could surprise you if you actually get passed the superficial stuff.

    1. Hi Alexander!. You have a good point too!. I think the guy was only referring to those women who flaunts their body for no good reason at all but to popularity.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂 Happy to hear voice from other men 🙂

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