You Will Not Believe But These 10 Celebrities Have Poor Hygiene!

     Fans and followers like me are just hooked into knowing how their idols are off cam. I wonder how would you react if you would know that your favorite celebrities have kept a filthy little secret. Who would have thought that these famous celebrities have incredible imperfections? You probably will not believe it, but yes they do have. Watch this video from TheRichest.

     Kesha, for instance, has been quoted in an interview with BBC’s radio saying she “smells like a hobo”. Can you even imagine her drinking her own urine? Hell no, but Kourtney Kardashian once participated in vagina smelling contests.

     We were all taught to brush our teeth three times a day, but Jessica Simpson prefers to go out of the trend. She dislikes the slippery feeling that her teeth get when clean, so she only brushes her teeth two or three times a week. Snooki had also confessed her beauty secret, which I doubt you will have the guts to try. Her beauty regimen consists of kitty litters as an exfoliant.

     For the sake of building his character in a movie, Shia Labeouf refused to shower for weeks in order to capture the essence of the role he was playing. He was so stenched that other actors refused to even stay in the same hotel with him.

     Moreover, hot and gorgeous actor, Matthew McConaughey, admitted he hasn’t worn deodorant in over twenty years! Wondering how he smells?

     From a spy! According to a former housekeeper, Britney Spears would regularly leave a half eaten burgers, fries and other garbage just lying around. Well, many do this.

     Believe it or not, but Anderson Cooper confessed in an episode of What Not To Wear that he hardly washes his jeans. Maybe just once or twice over a six month period of time.

    These only prove our idols are just humans!. They also have imperfections, but these imperfections will not define who they are and will never change the talents they share with us.

So, what can you say?