What Superpower Do You Want: Top 10 Coolest Superpower


  Young or old, no age requirement, we are all fascinated and amazed with superheroes because of their extra ordinary powers.  From comics to movies they are crowds’ favorite. In fact, there are so many block buster movies featuring superheroes which from one story became a sequel.

      Having a superpower is being able to perform activities which are not normally executed by ordinary human being. In 2013, big screens were conquered by Hugh Jackman, portraying Wolverine of X-men, with his ability to heal his own wounds. Isn’t it amazing?

     Perhaps once in your life you’ve tried wearing your red cape, boost your muscle and jump from the table just like Superman jumping off the building. How about with Thor’s super strength, what would you try carrying in your arms?

     But what if you wake up one day with a genie beside you, and this genie is giving you a chance to pick only one superpower that she can grant you with. What superpower would you choose?

     There are too many superpowers that you can choose from and maybe it’s hard to pick up right away. Of course with this once in a lifetime opportunity you just want the best amongst them.

   Some websites like Comicvine,  The Top Tens and List 25 have already made their list of superpowers. You may opt to visit these websites or watch this video “Top 10 Coolest Super Power” from WatchMojo.com to help you decide what superpower you want. Just be sure that once you have already chosen your superpower you will let us know.

 Photo Credit: Comicvine

So, what can you say?