What does it actually mean when a girl tells you “ I like you ”?

I Like You, She says, Relationships, Courtship     

     Women are careless, emotional, and sensitive. They can be easily pleased. Their emotion can be easily moved and everything to them has a meaning!

     WARNING: Don’t be deceived.

     For every man who is in love and is courting the girl of his dreams, all you would just ask for is that she finally says she feels something for you. You would text her every morning when she wakes up and before she sleeps at night. Send her flowers, chocolates and stuff toys to show how much you love her. Fetch her from work and drive her home just to ensure her safety. All these you would do just to get her sweetest “yes”.

     Well, congratulations. All the efforts you planted has borne, probably, its fruits.

     One night, when you were about to close your eyes to sleep, you suddenly hear a beep from your phone. When you check it, you realized it’s a message from her. Yes, it is from her saying “I must tell you. I like you”. When you texted back to ask what she means, she never texted back.

     Now, stop thinking. Stop over thinking.

     Before you begin expecting too much let me cut that crap and slap you with some truth. I don’t want to hurt you, but I just want to remind you sometimes girls do not mean exactly what they say.  When she says she hates you, she doesn’t really hate you but she means she just doesn’t like something you did. When she says she misses you even if you see her every day, she means you have been cold to her and she wants the old sweet you. In the same way, when a girl tells you, “I like you” she doesn’t necessarily mean she loves you. She could also mean one of the following.

I feel your presence. She’s not numb. She sees everything you do, she feels every love you pour over her and she appreciates it. She hopes she could make it up to you but a simple thank you will not be enough and that’s all she can give you for now. She hopes you will stay.

I enjoy your company. You are probably the comedian type who cracks joke amidst troubles to cheer her up. You are maybe the outgoing who let her experience various adventures she has never tried. You have made her feel how happy life can be if she just tries to experience and enjoy what it can offer. For that, she wants to stay close to you.

I Like You, She says, Relationships, Courtship

I want us to be the best of friends. Perhaps because love is present in you, you understand her every sentiment. In every endeavour, you are her first supporter. In her crimes, you are the willing conspirator. You know when she’s okay or when she’s not. When she’s happy you join her, when she’s broken you comfort her. You are a friend for keeps.

I’m getting there. We couldn’t force ourselves to fall in love for someone, especially if we barely know that person. Yet, each time she spends with you allows her to see the goodness in you. The way you value and treat her gives her reasons to love you. Inspires her to fall in love with you. However, the emotion isn’t that strong enough.  True love has not arrived yet, but hopefully, she’ll get there… fall in love with you in the right time.

I’m Sorry. This is the worst she could mean when a girl tells you she likes you. I like you because you like me. I like you because you appreciate me. I like you because you want me to be happy. I like you because you always understand me. But, I’m sorry I couldn’t be that girl who loves you back.

     I could be right, but I could be wrong too. The only way for you to know what she really mean is to sit down and talk to her with a heart of courageous man. That very brave man you were when you first approach her to ask for a date. That sincere gentleman who confesses his love to her.

     Girls can be hard to understand most of the times but many, if not all, have an honest heart. They don’t say the word explicitly because they don’t want to hurt a man’s ego.  They want to be very nice, at least, if they know they will surely gonna hurt a man. They always want to at least save and preserve the friendship they both have.

      The truth is when a girl tells you she likes you, she doesn’t mean she loves you.

      Would you agree with me? If not, tell me why and what do you think. Leave your comment.

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