On Their Wedding Day, This is The Sweetest Gesture a Father-To-Be Can Ever Do to His Step Daughter

Two people in love with each other are destined to be together.

They can make all divine forces conspire not to against them. And then one day, on a very special day, on their wedding day, they will walk through the aisle with a heart filled with love and gladness. Then, they shall exchange their “I Do’s”.

Wedding is a sacred event to celebrate love. It is every woman’s wish to walk an aisle surrounded by beautiful flowers while the man she loves is at the end, in front of the altar, waiting to marry her.

That day came to Diogo Bolant, 37, and Nicole de Souza, 27.

The Bolant-De Souza Wedding.

With their friends and family as witnesses, Diogo and Nicole exchanged their vows on October 22 at Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil.

Moreover, Diogo made sure their wedding day will not only be special and meaningful to him and Nicole, but also to his soon-to-be daughter, Isadora.

On that day too, in front of the altar, Diogo made the sweetest gesture a father-to-be can ever do to his future daughter.

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Kneeling on his knees and with a little ring on his hands, Diogo asked Isadora.

 “Will you be my daughter forever?”

Standing beside her mother, Isadora answered “yes” and Diogo put on the ring to her finger. The six-year-old girl then was crying and gave his new dad a hug. Diogo also gave her a sweet kiss on her cheek.

Watch their father and daughter moment here. 

According to the report by DailyMail, the proposal was pre-planned as Diogo wanted to surprise Isadora.

Nicole said, ‘We wanted Isa to participate in our wedding ceremony because she is at that phase where she loves all things about princesses and is in love with the idea of being a bride.’

Diogo said, ‘Isadora always wanted us to get married. And I wanted to do a special tribute for her so she felt part of the moment in front of our guests.

Kudos to Diogo for that brilliant idea, and more love and happiness to the newly wed.

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