This Viral Poster in a Toilet Gives Secret Code to Help Anyone Get Out of a Bad Date #NoMore

A poster taken by a woman from a toilet in a bar in Lincolnshire became viral, gaining 36,954 likes and 28, 965 retweets.

The poster teaches anyone how to get out of a bad date, advising them to ask the bar staff for “Angela”. The secret code “Angela” will give a hint to the staffs that you are in trouble and without doubts they will help you out.

The poster says:

Are you on a date that isn’t working out?

Is your Tinder or POF date not who they said they were on their profile?

Do you feel like you’re not in a safe situation?

Does it all feel a bit weird?

If you go to the bar and ask for ‘Angela,’ the bar staff will know you need help getting out of your situation and will call you a taxi or help you out discreetly—without too much fuss.

Speaking with The Independent, the coordinator of Substance Misuse and Sexual Violence & Abuse Strategy for Lincolnshire County Council, Hayley Child, said that the “Ask for Angela” posters are part of their #NoMore campaign that aims to promote a culture change in relation to sexual violence and abuse, promote services in Lincolnshire and empower victims to make a decision on whether to report incidents.

According to her, “Sexual abuse and violence is a national issue and all councils have a responsibility to tackle abuse. This was Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership’s first awareness raising campaign on this issue.”

The posters were placed by Lincolnshire Rape Crisis in bars and other social areas.

In the online world, there are so many frauds. Knowing many dating apps and sites are coming out, the campaign has the potential to save lives.

Such a brilliant idea. 

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