These Basic Tips On Time Management Will Definitely Make You More Productive

     “Can I have an hour or two more? I hope we have 25 instead of the 24 hours a day.” Sometimes you end up this way, wishing you have more time to work and do your personal errands.

     The usual 24 hours a day seems to be not enough to do all that you need. At times, while you’ve done nothing, others are very productive for accomplishing a lot.

     Yet, while you cannot add more time to the number of hours you have in a day, you can increase the number of tasks you accomplished in the same number of hours. Yes, it is possible. You can be more productive by having a time properly managed.

Time Management To Increase Productivity

     Time management is a way in which you organize your time and your activities. This is determining when to start and finish a certain task and what to do now and then. Activities vary from one person to another, but these following basic tips on how to use your time will help you become more productive.

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List down your task and assign a time when and how long you will do these. To effectively manage your time, you must know first what are the things you need to accomplish. Then, allocate how much time to spend in each of these tasks. But, be very realistic in assigning time. Don’t allocate 30 minutes in a task that you personally know you can’t finish at the only given time. Always give allowances.

Work more during the time of the day that you are most productive. Are you a morning person or an owl like me? Whatever type you are, it is important that you know what time of the day you are more focus and attentive because this is the time also you are more productive when working. For nocturnal like me, 12 midnight is just too early to say goodnight. When writing for my blog, I prefer working from 10 pm until 3 or even until 5 am. That’s the time that I feel like all my senses are fully awake and on the go to think and write.

Learn to say NO. Concede you’re not superman or wonder woman and you don’t have the power like Flash to move extremely fast. So when you know you’re already loaded with many tasks, learn to say NO. Don’t say you’ll do it tomorrow if there are others who can do it today. Instead, delegate the task to other colleagues or subordinates. Otherwise, you’ll drown yourself with a lot of pending assignments and you might only miss your deadlines.

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Get away with the social media. How many hour in a day do you spend browsing your Facebook account or Twitter? You might haven’t noticed it has consumed so much of your time. Sometimes while working, you stop to check updates until you just end up finished with nothing. So, when you have set to devote specific time to a certain task, I suggest that you keep your phones away from you and turn off social media notifications. Seeing your phone blinking or hearing sound from notifications will only tempt you to open your phone. As they say, “prevention is better than cure”.

Know when to start and end your day at work.  Commonly, our job requires us eight hours a day to work in the office. Spending more time working for your employer is good for the company and to show your commitment to your work, but not when each day of your life you just end up doing nothing except for what your job requires you. How about time with the family or friends? Don’t be late in coming to your work, but when it’s time to go home, be on time also unless there is an urgent work which cannot wait for tomorrow. Don’t let your work consume your entire day or you will easily get tired and exhausted for the week-long job thus, making you feel less interested and focus when working the following day.

Have enough sleep. It’s difficult to fight drowsiness and even trying to fight it will only make you unproductive. If you work while sleepy, you are likely to commit errors because you can’t concentrate and put your attention fully to the task. You will redo the job, consuming more of your time and effort. So be sure you don’t miss the suggested 8 hours sleep. Having enough sleep will help to keep you on time to finish a task or even earlier.

Schedule time for interruption. Okay, let’s not be hypocrite this time. Of course, it can be boring and tiring working for a couple of hours continuously.  So don’t be afraid to give yourself a break.  Forcing yourself to work when your brain is already tired will only make you unproductive. But, keeping a strictly followed schedule for a break will help you hit the target.

     These are very basic answers when asked how to manage time, but do we do these? I bet you don’t. I bet you sleep less at night because there’s a new episode of Game of Thrones you must watch. Or probably you’re newly posted photo was flooded with comments which keep you online replying. If you really wish to become productive the key is proper time management and the above tips are must do.

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