ADVICE SEEKER No. 3: The Business Partner

Not every emotion we feel deserves attention. Not every feeling we have deserves to be entertained. Sometimes, they have to be acted with the right attitude in the right circumstance.

5 Positive Truths in Breakup

Commonly, after the breakup we feel like we lost our everything; our biggest emotional investment, our most precious treasure. Sweet dreams turned into nightmares, fairy tales become a horror. This could probably be the worst days of our lives. But, who can ever say that all those heartaches we have experienced have actually something good to bring into our lives. After going through a painful breakup, here are five of the positive truths that you might not have realized yet.

ADVICE SEEKER No.2: The Anxious Wife

How much can you give for someone you love? How much can you sacrifice to make your relationship work? Until when are you willing to forgive and understand?

1O Perks of Being Single

Are you among those who pity their selves for being single? Are you in a rush too to find a partner? Well, hold yourself for a moment ‘coz you’re maybe missing some of the reasons why celebrate singlehood.