Why Women Fall For Married Men?

We only want someone to make us feel beautiful, to comfort and shed our tears when troubled, and to have someone ask our hands in marriage.

Relationship Goals: 10 Things Couples Can Achieve Together

In the process of conquering someone’s life, one best strategy you can apply is to come up with relationship goals and achieve it together. It’s a method where you two can lay down what you want to do and meet at the same point. Do the things you booth want to do. Achieve your relationship goals together.

5 Positive Truths in Breakup

Commonly, after the breakup we feel like we lost our everything; our biggest emotional investment, our most precious treasure. Sweet dreams turned into nightmares, fairy tales become a horror. This could probably be the worst days of our lives. But, who can ever say that all those heartaches we have experienced have actually something good to bring into our lives. After going through a painful breakup, here are five of the positive truths that you might not have realized yet.

ADVICE SEEKER NO. 1: The Best Friend

Indeed, it is in friendship where love often begins. You get to know each other well, spend most of the happy time together. But not every friendship can well develop into a loveship.