Courtship Now and Then: Teach Him To Be Worthy of You

Courtship is a process or stage in which a man woos a woman. It is the time where a man gets the chance to convince the woman to like him, love him and choose him. This is the time where a woman has the power over man.

10 Signs You Are Bitter With Your Ex

Some relationships start sweet and end sweet, but many have only a sweet beginning yet a bitter ending. If you think you’re done with your past relationship, then revalidate yourself from these ten signs you are bitter with your ex.


When a woman’s husband is working abroad, her life is easier and happier. What many don’t know are the emotional challenges she has to go through.

Is it a sin communicating with your ex-lover?

Is it a sin communicating with your ex-lover? Whenever there is an exchange of idea or information between two or more persons, there is a communication. Whether it’s a sin or not communicating with your ex-lover depends on two parameters: your intention and the situation.