Shaw Academy: Enriching Yourself With New Ideas

     Years after graduating in college and started working, what have you become? Me, after four years only of working, I already feel tired and bored. I feel like life has become so monotonous.  The things I do and I know last week or last month are just the same things I do and I know today. I craved for something new. Something different.

     I wonder what else I can do aside from the usual Facebook browsing, twitting, and reading barbaric news update which I do every day. “I have to do something else”, I told myself. Thanks to Facebook, the Shaw Academy page magically came to my feed.

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What is Shaw Academy?

     That’s is the same question I had in mind when I saw the page and my curiosity and clicking ability brought me to their website.

     Well, essentially, Shaw Academy is an online school offering learning and skills development courses. But, it is not just an ordinary academy. Accordingly, it is the largest live online educator in the world. Isn’t it amazing?

Learning Something New

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     I bought a voucher for the Diploma in Digital Marketing. I thought it’s going to help me with my blogging plans. And, I just curious how the online class works.

     In my experience, it was really cool. If you catch the live class, you can ask or comment to the lecturer and to your classmates from all around the globe. Though mostly, I only watch the lecture video because the time for the live lecture is already 3 am here in our country. The good thing is, I can pause and replay it. At the end of the program, you may get a diploma.

     Nevertheless, learning something new gave mea refreshing feeling. It inspired me to try something new and different as an application of my learning. It gave me confidence, somehow, that what I’m doing is just right. It gave me ideas how to run my Facebook page, twitter, and even Instagram. It made me more productive.

Why study in Shaw Academy?

     Since the class is online, you can study anywhere you want. No need to travel going to school. All the study materials are available 24/7 and anytime time you want, you can read or watch, review and even catch up, if you missed some discussion.

     The education provided by Shaw Academy offers a perfect solution for those wishing to learn new skills and further their knowledge in a flexible and enjoyable manner. The practical approach undertaken equips students with the latest industry developments and focuses on learning outcomes which are beneficial in a multitude of contexts.

     The content and structure of the courses they offer have been independently reviewed and approved for multi-disciplinary and industry-wide development purposes. The processes, design, quality of content and delivery of the selected programmes were also reviewd by some accrediting organisations. Check the list of that organizations here.

     Moreover, the tutors are acclaimed experts in their fields. Every lecturer at The Shaw Academy has a real passion for their speciality subject and a desire to instill this passion in their students. They have vast experience delivering both traditional campus and online education.

What courses does the Shaw Academy offer?shaw academy, self-improvement, personal growth, personal development, online class, online study, learning, studying

     As of the moment, Shaw Academy is offering 32 different courses. Among the courses offered are the following:

Diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing

Over the course of (8 one-hour lessons spanning) four weeks, students of all levels, learn to blog successfully. This course provides a solid understanding of what is required to make your blog a success. 

     The course covers setting up your own blog, best practice of blogging, the importance of SEO, content curation & the art of content planning,  content marketing , creating a compelling personality for your content, how to monetize your blog,  managing a community of online followers, and developing your brand through Social Media. To get this course, head over here at Shaw Academy

Diploma in Digital Marketing

     This course is consists of 8 core topics. These build up your marketing knowledge step by step with real case studies to allow you to seamlessly incorporate this information to your digital marketing skill set. All lessons are presented online live, twice weekly, in a structured manner in order to allow you to learn efficiently.

     It will cover Dig
ital Marketing Foundations – Designing for Conversions, Social Marketing and Online Reputation Management, eCommerce – Converting 101, Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) – Acquiring the Right Leads for Less, Email Marketing – Reach, Engage and Convert, Affiliate Marketing – Developing Strategic Partnerships Online, Search Engine Optimisation – Growing Your Audience Organically, and Data Driven Marketing and Sales For Maximum Return. Get this course here.

Diploma in Social Media Marketing

     This course will give you a set of skills to fully utilize the different platforms at your fingertips, so you can engage with your customers and start to grow your revenue. With the knowledge you gain from this course, you will have a solid understanding of the world of Social Media Marketing and every benefit it can offer you.

     Will be discussed in the course are content and community, learning to monetize social media, YouTube without big budgets, Facebook – Social Targeting Means More Leads for Less, Twitter – Understanding and Monetizing the Noise,  LinkedIn – Professional Networking in the Digital Space,  Instagram – A Picture Tells a Thousand Words, Data Driven Social Media, ORM – Protecting Your Brand Online and Strategy – Making More of Your Marketing.   Get this course here.

Diploma in Web Development

     This course takes place over four weeks and includes 10 lessons which take you through the process of creating web content step by step. In addition to the live presentations, all lessons can be accessed 24/7 post their release date for your convenience. You will also have full tutor support throughout the course making applying your new found knowledge easier than ever.  Get this course here.

Diploma in Web Design

     In this course we will discuss the skills and knowledge required to begin designing webpages. You will be introduced to the languages used on the internet, how they came to be and how they continually develop.

     This course will primarily focus on the process of designing a website. There will be a heavy focus on Responsive Design and how this effects your creations.

     This course will also cover the emerging trends of the internet, how these come to be, and how they constantly become refined. You will learn how to keep on top of current trends to ensure you are always designing to a modern standard. Get this course here. 

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Diploma in Mobile App Development

     This Introduction to Mobile App Development aims to give you the knowledge and skills to start developing your very own Mobile Applications. Whether you want to improve your business, generate a second income or pick up a new hobby! 

     This course focuses on the practical application of the technologies used in Mobile App Development. You will learn what programming languages are used to create a Mobile App, what software can be utilized and integrate together. 

     On completion of this course you will know how to develop your own app, add the necessary style and functionality to run it on your own device! Get this course here.

Diploma in Photography

     The course offers you the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge and capture those images you have always dreamed of. This course consists of 10 core lessons, building up your Photography knowledge step by step with directly applicable skills and knowledge necessary to produce photographic work. 

     Nevertheless, they have separate courses for Diploma in Wedding Photography and Diploma in Smartphone Photography. Get this course here.

Diploma in Photoshop

     Learn to master the skills of image editing and take your images to a new level.  The course aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge to enhance and retouch images at a professional standard and add another layer to your skill set as a photographer.

     This course consists of 8 core lessons, building up your Photoshop knowledge step by step with directly applicable skills and knowledge necessary to produce high quality creatively edited work. Get this course here.

Diploma in Video

     Engage and learn skills to capture High Quality Videos. This course will introduce you to fundamental concepts and techniques behind video and is for any level of interest. 

     It is  consists of 8 core lessons, building up your video knowledge step by step with directly applicable skills and knowledge necessary to produce video work.  Get this course here.

Diploma in Weight Loss

     Whether you are looking to lose weight for yourself, help a friend or family member or compliment your career, this rapidly growing exciting field will uncover the truth about the relationships between food and your body through fun interactive live lessons. 

     The course aims to equip you with the skills to enhance your knowledge of nutrition in relation to weight loss at a professional standard. It is consists of 10 core topics, building up your nutritional knowledge step by step and with practical examples to allow you to seamlessly incorporate this knowledge into your current lifestyle. 

     Other courses being offered are Diploma in Investment, Financial Trading, Household Budgeting, Health and Fitness, Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Child Nutrition, Beauty, Music, Guitar, Cookery, Bartending and Cocktail Making, Microsoft Excel, Career Advancement, Lightroom, Coding for Kids, Psychology of Sales, Fast Track Business Success, English for Business. 

     To get any of the courses, head over here at Shaw Academy

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     If you have any questions or other concerns, feel free to leave a comment in the box below. Anything you have in mind is very much welcome here.


52 thoughts on “Shaw Academy: Enriching Yourself With New Ideas

  1. The first time I have heard about Shaw Academy was from a friend. I didn’t pay attention towards what she shared since I am not familiar with it. But after reading your post, I am now curious. I’ll check the site and to see what’s in store for me. Who knows, I might unlock hidden skills. 😉

  2. I think I am going to check this out some more. I think getting an online course is great and the diploma makes it official. Blogging, social media marketing and photoshop are all very interesting to me. You never said how much it costs though. Do all courses cost the same?

    1. Hello Fred. If you go over to the link, you will see all the courses they offer. The price for the course is 395EUR. If I’m not mistaken, yes, the price for all courses is just the same. Another good thing about it is that they also have a lifetime membership. With that, you can access all the courses they offer, including all the future courses they will offer. I’m not sure where is the link for the lifetime membership. They just emailed and offered it to me when I was enrolled in the digital marketing course. Perhaps, if you get a course maybe they will email you too. If my memory serve me right, they also have a promo (sort of a raffle), when you catch all the live discussion in your course, you will be eligible for that. They will have a draw and the winner will get a free lifetime membership. Sounds amazing, right?. I was not lucky so I’m saving for the lifetime membership 🙂

  3. they are offering interesting courses huh.. I was actually planning to try this kind of online courses last year but my schedules are quite conflicting.. I might give it a shot again this year… it’s nice to see that they also offer blogging and content marketing too
    thanks for sharing

  4. I feel the exact same way! Reason why I started blogging and why I’m getting my certification in Holistic Health Coaching. I’m one of those “never stop learning” type of people. I’m going to have to try this out. I use Skill Share right now. I’ll have to give Shaw Academy a looksie! 🙂

    1. Wow, congratulations te your certificate in coaching.
      Shaw Academy has lifetime membership also. With that you can access all their courses including the courses they are going to offer in the future. Fantastic, right? I’m saving for that now.

  5. I’m a big fan of online courses. I find myself taking classes once every 2 or 3 years or so, I don’t know, maybe I just like studying haha. There are a lot of awesome courses on here, especially for bloggers!

  6. These are such a good idea! It makes total sense that a topic like blogging or online marketing would be more suitable for flexible learning 🙂
    lily kate x

  7. This is such a great way to learn some important skills. All of those diplomas involving digital marketing and new media are very important these days.

  8. I don’t really trust these online courses that promise you diplomas. The only online course that I have ever did and complete was the Google Squared, and that was a 6 months hard work, like proper school.

  9. I had been feeling like that lately but thankfully I am heading back to university to do my masters in a feild that interests me so I am really happy about that.
    I do like the idea of online learning, you can really broaden your skills and orizon really easily

      1. I am quite bright and easyly bored, so I constantly look for new stuff XD
        Hm, I’ll look into it. and Honestly all courses mentioned here looks interesting so..

        1. Yes, I also love them. I’m saving now for their lifetime membership. In that membership you can access all courses they offer including courses they will have in the future. I think that’s going to be a big savings!.

  10. Gosh, it feels like this is just what I need/have been looking for. If I could, I’d spend the rest of my life learning new stuff, new skills, reading *all the books*… as this is impossible (bills to pay, right?) I’ve been looking for online courses that would inspire me and teach me something new. Thank you for the heads up!

    1. Oh Francesca, I suggest you save up for this. Who knows, after completing a course you can do little business and earn more.
      By the way, they have this lifetime membership. 1 time bill to have access to all their courses as well as the future courses they are going to offer. I really want that. Let’s start saving now! 😊😊😊

  11. Sounds like an awesome opportunity for learning new things. Online schools are always welcome in my book, it’s always nice to learn more about the field you’re interested in without having to leave your home!

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