Relationship Goals: 10 Things Couples Can Achieve Together

     In my previous post 5 Positive Truths in Breakup, I quoted that “relationship is a battle, and you are the conqueror trying to be a part of someone’s life.” In the process of conquering and becoming a part of someone’s life, one best strategy you can apply is to come up with relationship goals and achieve it together. It’s a method where you two can lay down what you want to do and meet at the same point. Do the things you booth want to do. Achieve your relationship goals together. 



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        Young love begins when while in school the heart simply started to beat differently for someone. I remember my elders when I was in high school, they keep telling me to focus on my studies. Having a boyfriend is a disturbance to my studies, they thought. Well, somehow I must agree. But, with some amount of discipline, motivation, and ambition, having a lover while learning a lot from school is worth the risk. You could be each other’s study buddy, reviewer, project editor and a lot more. Who knows, you two could be competing as well to be on the top of the class.


     While the world is so busy with its errands, meeting and greeting each other’s friend is a must for a growing relationship. It will help you know each other more and you allow yourselves to extend the same networks. Not to mention these networks could later then be your married life confidantes.


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    Becoming physically fit requires a lot of motivation and inspiration and having a partner to share with all the sweat and sweet success is more fulfilling. Whenever one gets tired and frustrated when after the long wait and effort yet nothing good result happens, the other half could be the stimulant that pushes the other to go on.


     Well probably a preparation also for your future together, young professional lovers may opt to start saving, investing or launch their own business. Just being pragmatic, but it’s never a bad idea to begin fulfilling the task to get away with pressure and financial burden when that time comes that you decided to tie the knot.


relationship goals, learn together, relationship, couples, lovers, happy relationship

     A healthy relationship is one the center of which is God. The peace, patience and unconditional love like that of God has for his people is likely to be in couples who together discover and unfold God’s holiness. Knowing together God and his standard of righteousness allows you to bring your relationship into the same level of understanding and respect for each other. God bless you.


     Being in a relationship is an emotional challenge. There will be a lot of doubts, hurt, jealousy, hatred. You’ll be challenged mentally and emotionally. But, the good thing about being emotionally challenge together with your beloved is that there are two of you battling together and you have each other whom you can talk openly with honesty and sincerity.


    They say, “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Same goes with strengthening a relationship, food trip can be your best and perfect moment together discovering and tasting the world of different cuisines.

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    Happy moments, wonderful sceneries, unforgettable experiences, these are just a few of the things you can capture together when you travel from one place to another. I have a friend whose favorite bonding with his boyfriend is mounting climbing and every time they rich the peak of the mountain they would take their photo together as a remembrance. I have also colleagues who are up to exploring beaches and endure together the heat of the sun. I must say, experiences worth keeping in the heart, mind and in the soul are the ones you have experienced with your loved ones. 


     When I was young, I dreamed of having a master’s degree. When I met my boyfriend, there were already two people dreaming I could get into graduate school, me and my boyfriend. Every time I have struggles mentally, physically or financially, he was there to join my struggle and to support me.  And, there will be more dreams, wishes, ambitions, and plans that will be put into reality while we are together. Same could happen to your story and to the rest of the couples out there.


relationship goals, learn together, relationship, couples, lovers, happy relationship

    Just as a beautiful morning turns into a starry night and a bright candle becomes dim, your youthfulness and beauty will also fade away. But, these are of no value for as long as beside you is the who gave you meaning to the what you call life.

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11 thoughts on “Relationship Goals: 10 Things Couples Can Achieve Together

  1. I really love the theme of mutual support you’ve got going on here. So many people forget that relationships are both give AND take; that’s how it works!

  2. This is such a sweet, and excellent, post that really hits home! I adore the steps in a relationship and also the timeline. Such a great summary! I heard a phrase in a show just last night where the woman said “our relationship should be the best part of our lives” and there’s no excuse for why this should be “so hard.” It’s so true! xx Adaleta Avdic

  3. Oh I just love this! I want so badly to show my kids the world – my fiance and I have a travel-related bucket list! Our next goal is to get back in shape…our one year old has kicked our butts the last year!

  4. Ahh this is lovely – my husband and I continue to motivate each other to reach fitness goals or learn new things, it’s a great way to stay close.

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