Why Women Fall For Married Men?

Why do nice, beautiful, smart, and single women fall into the trap of married men?

Who doesn’t want to be loved? Who doesn’t want a perfect relationship or a perfect marriage? Who doesn’t want to be the only one?

We all want it! We want to have that someone make us feel beautiful, to have someone love us even during our unlovable days, to have some comfort and shed our tears when troubled, to have someone make us happy despite the storms and to have someone ask our hands in marriage. That’s simply what every girl wants.

 Yet, it’s too unfortunate that there are women who fall into the trap of married men. There are nice, beautiful, smart and single women who become “mistress” for some unexplained reason. Yes, unexplained reason.

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It’s too easy for us to judge them and to call them home wrecker without even trying to fathom where they are coming from or what they are going through.

But, before you judge them for being a mistress or the other woman, have you tried to ask yourself first “why would a nice, beautiful, smart and single woman allow herself to become a mistress?”

I happen to walk in this life with women who have been a mistress for some time. I know the quantity would not represent the majority but, I believe the quantity would be enough to give us a glimpse of their lives. Enough to make us realize that they’re not all bad, some have just love, some had no options. Enough to tell us that like many others they’re also victims: victims of love and victims of circumstances.

Again, let me ask, “Why do nice, beautiful, smart, and single women fall into the trap of married men? Why do they become a mistress?”

Because, at the start, she didn’t know he’s married. When she found out the truth, the emotion is already strong that she couldn’t stop it.

For sure, if she has known earlier she wouldn’t choose to be an option or a second choice. The truth is, no woman would want to see a man cheat on his wife. Not even she would want him to do such. And, it hurts in her soul to admit to herself the very fact that a man she loves is actually committing a sin because of her.

When she met him, she was emotionally shattered from a just concluded relationship and this man offered a shoulder she can lean on, that nobody dared to offer.

Rebound? Maybe not. She just needed someone to comfort her. She needed someone to fill the emptiness. She needed someone to make her feel loved again and that time he was the only one willing to catch her from her fall. She badly needed someone to rescue her from an emotional torture and he was the closest she could count on.

Mistress, relationships, love, third party

She honestly believed when he said he’s no longer happy with his marriage. That his marriage is just but a failure and that he wanted to start a new.

She thought she was actually doing him a favor by saving him from a failing marriage. She thought it was alright to stick with him because in the very first place he and his wife are already about to go on separate ways. She thought it was just okay for her to wait until their marriage finally ends, then she could make her way with him.

Because she’s too nice to accept his imperfections and believe in a hope that he can make things right.

She thought no one is perfect, and this is just one of his imperfections she needs to accept. He wasn’t able to make a perfect marriage. But, everybody deserves a second chance and that second chance would be with her then.

Because she’s too smart and brave to understand that no matter how complicated the situation is, there will be a solution and that soon everything will be alright.

Love conquers all. It sounds cliché but this probably what kept her hold on. She thought it might be complicated at first but eventually he’ll be able to make people understand their mutual love.

Because she wants a mature relationship which most married men can offer. They have wider and better understanding towards women’s emotional needs.

Women are very complicated and fickle-minded. She found the kind of a partner she wanted, the one who would understand her, in the identity of this married man. This is perhaps because married men are already well-trained understanding tantrums of their wives.

Because married men are a package of security and stability.

Girls want stability and to be secured. Unlike single and younger men, most of the married men are focused and have plans. They know what they want and their directions and these make them more likeable to women.

It’s too hard to refuse to someone whom you owe a debt of gratitude for doing you extreme favor, especially financially.

She was in a state of emergency and he was the superhero who came to rescue. Who would have thought he got his personal intentions behind? Who would have thought in exchange, he would ask you to cradle him in his moments of weakness?

Mistress, Relationships, Love

My Thoughts

Though there are women who choose to become a mistress for selfish reasons, let us not generalize that they are all the same; that they are gold diggers, only to have a sexual relationship with. Give her the benefit of the doubt because for all we know, she has her reasons valid reasons. And, even if we say she could just leave and get out of that relationship, the process is still not easy. One thing for sure, no woman would want to be mistress forever.

Let your mind speak. Leave me with your comment.

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