Online Dating, Is It Worth It?  

     “Finding a relationship is like applying for a job. You find where to apply, present your qualification, do well in the interview, and wait for the job offer. If you like the offer, accept it and sign the contract.”

     If you are looking for someone to have a relationship with or a future partner, online dating should be among the options you must consider. Aside from the traditional dating, online dating has also made a way for a lot of successful love stories.

     Online dating has become very popular and a viable option to meet someone and build a relationship. Yet, it has also both advantages and downfalls which you must try looking at first before jumping in.

Online Dating: PROS

  • Online dating is a huge time saver. You can meet and get to know a lot of people in a relatively short period of time. Also, since dating sites are available 24/7, you can do this anytime of the day at your convenience.
  • It can keep you safe in a way because you may or you may not reveal your real name, address and some other personal information.
  • You can easily screen out people you are not interested based on the information they have provided on their profiles. Mostly, if not all, dating sites let you pre-select the qualities of the person you want to meet. No more guessing who and what kind of a person he/she is.
  • Being rejected is a terrible feeling when done face to face, but not that much if you are only dating online. Well, you won’t actually feel it and would only realize you have been rejected when that person stops contacting you. In the same way, if you don’t like the person reaching you out, you can simply ignore and forget it.
  • In online dating, you can also save extra money. Instead of going to bars or restaurants just to get to know and judge the person, you can simply read his/her profile, see their shared photos and hear their voice from videos.
  • Meeting and knowing the person online before going on an actual date allows you to eliminate those first date jitters. Depending on how long you have been communicating online, by the time you meet you are already comfortable with each other.

Online Dating: CONS

  • In the contrary, online dating is not safe because you don’t really know the person behind that profile. There are a lot of fraud profiles all over on the internet. They use someone else’ photo and make you believe in the kind of a person they are actually not. They lie about their name, age, weight, income and even the marital status.
  • Since dating is only done online, you can’t really expect everyone to be taking you seriously. Some are only there for fun, where they spend their leisure time, wishing to see you naked? (OMG).
  • Different platforms have become very crowded nowadays, thus searching and screening out can be exhausting and time-consuming. You might end up spending a couple of hours a day just looking in front of your computer.
  • Some dating sites are free, but you have limited access. You can’t view someone’s profile and you won’t be allowed to see who viewed your profile unless you have paid the monthly fees for premium membership. Some charge too much and are more expensive if you pay monthly compared when you pay annually.
  • After all the efforts in searching, you might realize you are not a good match. You are just not compatible at all, which can be frustrating. It was a waste of time, effort and money.
  • If you won’t limit your search only to people from your country, then you must be ready to be relocated. If you meet and fall in love with someone, eventually one of you has to move to the other to make the relationship work. And, this may cost you your family, friends and even career. 
  • You will miss out the thrill and excitement of a real dating process. The curiosity of what and how it feels going out on a date, seeing, touching and feeling each other. 

     Obviously, finding a decent relationship online is not easy. Just like seeking a job, it takes a lot of effort and patience. But when done properly and persistently, it can be as amazing as those who are dating traditionally.

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