At 27 I Have My Own House and Here’s What I Learned

     I cannot contain my excitement and I feel the need to share it with you. Last week, I received this letter notifying me that my housing loan has been approved. Expected as necessary, I opened my checking account the following day. The day after, I went to the housing developer, signed several documents, and issued eleven post-dated checks for the one-year house amortization. The following day, I went to their site office in the subdivision where my future house is located. Again, I was asked to sign several documents. Finally, they gave me this pre-turn over assessment form which indicated that on October 5, 2016, I should come back to inspect my unit. After that, if I do not see anything which needs a back job I can move into my own own house.

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     I was having a mixed emotion; Excited that finally at 27 I have my own house. Worried that I might get short with my budget considering I have to spend on some renovations. Kind of scared that I will stay there alone and I totally do not know anyone of my neighbors. I could not help not to think and imagine scenes like those of the suspense movies I have watched where in some bad men in a black suit ransack the house and kill the owner. I was over thinking, I know.

At 20’s Why Invest in a House?

     But, my joy and excitement were just on top of it. Every time I think and feel of doubts, I would simply recall why I decided to do this. All along, I never had a house I can call my own. I was either living with my relatives or in dormitory or boarding house. Since I started working 4 years ago, I have been renting. I have been spending thousands of money on a place which will never be mine even decades after decades. And, if I will not make a significant move now, I will be wasting more money.

    Not to mention I’m paying 3500.00php for my monthly share in the rental of apartment, plus the around 500.00phph water + electricity bill, a total of 4000.00ph per month (never mind the excess sometimes). The house I am buying is only 5089.00php/monthly (That’s including the interest and house insurance). Comparing the two, I could just think of sacrificing 1000.00php per month to get my own house.

     Yes, it was a housing loan which means there will be interest I must pay too. But, considering that unlike cars its value do not depreciate, it’s not a bad investment at all. If I will not grab this opportunity now, I never know, the next time I’ll check its price already doubled. Besides, if I already have enough money sometime soon, I can pay it anyways so as not to accumulate more interest. Nevertheless, along the way working on to buy that house thought me a couple of lessons.

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The Things I Learned When I Decided To Have My Own House

I AM MORE DRIVEN NOW TO SAVE MONEY. I know I have nobody to rely on so by all means I have to save my own money. It encourages me because I found a purpose for doing so. I know that my little effort has a significant value and will help me big in the future.

I BECOME CONSCIOUS OF MY UNNECESSARY EXPENSES. I cannot save unless I cut my expenses. Truth is, I spend money on things which are not important and useful to me. Sometimes, I buy stuff just because I find them cute and interesting, but is of no use to me at all. I would just end up later throwing them away. That is also why I should stay away from malls. I can hardly be a window shopper.

IT GAVE ME SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY. I cannot simply say “come what may”. I have to be ready financially. I have to take full responsibility for my decisions and actions. Otherwise, I’ll’ gonna end up in a big mess.  

IT LEAD ME TO MY DIRECTION. Years back, it was just a mere dream to have my own now, but now that it’s almost here, I realized I could get what I want if only I would be brave to take the first step. When I move to my house next month, I already know what my next project is.

IT TAUGHT ME TO PATIENTLY WAIT. When applying for the housing loan, it will not be approved right away. It took a year and a half before my loan was approved by the Pag-Ibig Fund. Not the usual impulsive me, but hopeful and determined I waited. 

     I am just an ordinary employee. I do not earn so much from my job. But, I cannot allow this fact to limit me. My resources would not adjust to me, but I can adjust myself to fit my resources with my needs. 

     How about you, do you have your own house already? If not yet, when do you plan to buy your own?

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  1. Having your home at a young age is a big step to maturity. It helps you to discover yourself better. It also gives you the privacy to think and plan well.

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