In This Modern Times, These 10 Ways to Reduce and Control Your Expenses Will Help You Increase Your Savings

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     Express ride, cashless payments, instant and unlimited internet access; these are just a few of the things you can easily do, nowadays. Everything now has shortcuts, making our lives much easier.

     But, these does not come for free. These shortcuts have in fact lead me to $$$ debts, and I do not want you to experience the same.  So, let me share with you these ten ways to reduce and control your expenses this modern times so that you can have more savings.

1. Buy only necessary stuff and just as much as you need.

     Shopping can be addictive and window shopping is dangerous. Even if you do not plan on buying, when you go to shopping malls you will see interesting stuff: bag, watch or even that latest IOS model.  They will make you believe you need them. Your wanting will create reasons, or I should call alibis, in your mind to convince you to buy them. But, before you decide on buying, first, ask yourself “do I need it?” “Is it a necessity or a want?” If they do not have a purpose to serve, they will be of no use.

     Also, I hate that feeling what I have is not enough, thus I always buy excessively. Often, the excess goes to trash. Later on, I realized I wasted my money. Indeed, you will not realize what you have thrown until you finally need them. You will not realize what you have wasted until you have nothing left to spend.

2. Make your “To Buy List” before going to the grocery.

     We only become hesitant on buying or spending when we are aware how big chunk is going to be taken away from our hard-earned money.  With the idea what to buy, write it down on a piece of paper or notebook with their corresponding price, based on your previous buying, and get the sum. This “To Buy List” will tell you much you have already spent just before you go to that counter.

3. Always pay in Cash.

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     When I landed my first job, I envy my workmates when they pay using their credit cards. I thought it was something. You choose around, swipe your card, and then, you get what you want. It’s peculiar and classy, I thought. 

     But, when I finally got my own, I realized it is not what I think it is; it is always tempting to buy. It feels like you can always afford to buy these and that. Splurging. One day, you wake up and your bill is already $$$. 

     You probably pay with that card but, every swipe you do is a liability with interests. It may not hurt your pocket today, but eventually, it will, more than you expected. If you have the means, pay in cash so you know how much you actually have left. Otherwise, do not buy it. Opting to use your money card for mere luxury will lead you to debts. Save that card rather for emergency purposes and let class goes to those who have more than what is enough.

4. Make your own Coffee.

     I am a coffee addict. I mean, I cannot last a day without having a cup of coffee. My head aches if I cannot drink. But, being a coffeeholic does not have to be expensive. You can simply make a perfect taste from a brewed coffee, or that 3-in-1 sachet worth 8.00php can serve best. Can you imagine how much you can save from at least 150.00php worth cup of coffee if you drop by that expensive shop at least twice a week?

5. Take a Bus or Train.

     With the presence of Grab and Uber, your cab is just a few clicks away. Very accessible from your own phone. However, these are undeniably way too far expensive than a bus or train fare. If you are up for increasing your savings, this is definitely not a good idea.

     If you hate falling in line in the train station, securing an access (beep) card will help a lot. If taking a bus you will be late, then leave your house earlier. Stop making excuses if solutions are already there just waiting for you to take.

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6. Do your laundry.

     I am honestly guilty. But, I realized when I was a student and with a little allowance from my mother, I personally wash my clothes. When I started working and earning small, I still wash my clothes. So what makes the difference? I still have the same 24 hours a day.  Why can’t I make it now?

     Having the means to pay somebody to wash your clothes is not an excuse. It is rather a laziness not to do things which you can. I would always use as an alibi that I do not have time though I have lots, but are not spent wisely. I spend most of my time sleeping, watching movies and the social media stuff.

     Imagine, I spent at least 700.00php/month or 8400.00/year because I choose to sleep. It could have gone to something more valuable like paying my tuition in the graduate school.

7. Instead of going to a gym, exercise at home.

     Of course, we want to be healthy and to look fit, which what fitness gyms basically offer. In fact, I once enrolled in a nearby gym which provided me with a trainer. The feeling was tiring but awesome at the same time. I did not regret spending 4000.00php for the 12 sessions which lasted only for a month. To some, the rate is much higher.

     But, it does not have to be that way always. You can simply jog and walk around your village.  You may want as well to invest in cheaper exercise equipment which you can use longer at home. Last year, I bought this indoor bike from an online shop which was around 3000.00php. Until now, it’s working well. I have bought as well a 6lb dumbbell worth 200.00php. I just need myself little pushing to exercise.

8. Get ready with your Lunch Box.

     Since my work is in the center of the city, there are lots of fast food chains just around the corner. Sometimes, we would call for delivery. One day, it suddenly got to my mind calculating how much I could save if I would cook or buy the same food from our neighbor’s “carinderia”. It is not really big, but the savings could mean a lot if you are on a tight budget.

9. Do not keep up with the advancement of technology.

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     It is actually a teaching from my aunt not to buy new gadgets whenever a new model comes out while our old ones are still functioning pretty well. I did not really mind it because I was only using an old android phone and I do not even have a laptop then.

     When I had my SonyXperia Z3 and new models, including from other brands, came out one after the other, there I recalled what my aunt told me. She was right, I thought. These new models are very expensive but when another model comes out, the value of the previous depreciates enormously. Same happens whenever, again, a new design is released. If you keep following the trend, you will be losing much. Rather learn to be contented with what you have. If you really want that model or design just wait until it becomes little cheaper. It won’t be too long anyways.

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10. Utilize prepaid load.

     Honestly, I am not using a prepaid load that is why I can tell you it is expensive to use the postpaid. First, because whether you consume it or not, you will still be charged with exactly the same amount. Second, because it has a contract saying how long you will be subscribed to and if you wish to cut the subscription you will be charged a certain amount again. And lastly, sometimes, they are adding charges you could no longer track or notice and yet you get a poor service. On the other hand, with the prepaid load, you only get to pay how much you intend to use.

     This modern times and the coming technological innovations will definitely continue to make our lives more convenient. But, as I have said, it will not come for free. Nevertheless, we can still choose to live simply but efficiently. By remaining to do so, you can have more savings to grow in your bank accounts.


15 thoughts on “In This Modern Times, These 10 Ways to Reduce and Control Your Expenses Will Help You Increase Your Savings

  1. Great tips! We love making coffee at home and it saves us a ton because hubby drinks at least 2 cups and I drink one very large cup…the amount saved is amazing compared to what it would cost to go to the hip coffee shops. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Making my own coffee has been huge for me lately! I had been in a bad habit of buying way too much Starbucks and once I got that gold card, I added up how much I had spent on coffee over the last year and it was ridiculous.

    1. Oh Logan, I feel you😊. Before, when Christmas comes I would buy Starbucks almost every to collect stickers so I could get the planner. After two Christmas I realized it is a waste of money because I don’t even use the planner. It was a lesson learned, so I stopped.

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