Make Writing a Routine for These 10 Reasons and How You Do It

Making a record of a day-to-day experience has become a hobby to many, without realizing how it has helped and changed them. More than just being a hobby, writing down my thoughts on a piece of a paper made my life better and could be your life too.

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  Here’s Why You Should Make Writing a Routine

1) Through writing, you can express anything.

This is primary the reason why I love writing. Whenever I get mad, sad or just thankful for something, I write it down even in a tiny piece of paper. It allows me to express almost everything I want to say, without worrying about the people who might judge me for what I’ve said. It offers a distinct feeling of satisfaction for simply being able to express what is in your heart and mind.

2) It clears your mind and thoughts.

Writing what transpired and why they happened will help you realize what you have done wrong and what you should have done instead. It lets you find answers to your questions that only you yourself can answer.

3) It calms you from an intense emotion or anger.

When we are angry, sometimes we just want to make revenge. We want to defend ourselves. We want to curse that person who causes our anger. Writing can help you do that without literally throwing rude words to that person’s face until the emotion subsides.

4) It helps develop self-expression.

Growing up, one of the difficulties I noticed common to my colleagues is how to express their selves. May it be in formal writing or a simple email, constant writing will help you improve that art of self-expression. Gradually you will develop the skill of putting up words together to come up with a great idea.

5) It improves your vocabulary.

We write in such a manner different to how we converse everyday. Thus, we find new words that will better convey our ideas. It helps us organize our thoughts and find new creative ways to express these.



6) It keeps a record of your history.

Whatever happened today is already a history tomorrow. May it be a good or bad experience, looking back to it after years or decades allows you to see how far you have grown up especially emotionally. Sometimes, this will only make you laugh at yourself when you realize how silly those thoughts you had.

7) It cultivates a sense of responsibility towards a goal.

Writing down your goals is laying out life plans. You see what you want to achieve and you get insights how to do it. It creates a feeling, an inner encouragement and pushing to work hard for it and achieve it. Then, your plans and imaginations create drive and resonate into your action.

8) It makes you more appreciative of what you have and your accomplishments.

Sometimes were are just too focused on looking at enormous blessings that we no longer realize how blessed we are with the small ones. Making a daily record of the little favors we received serves as a daily reminder we are still fortunate and that God is faithful to us.

When I was a student, I would write how grateful I feel whenever my professor commends me for a good presentation or when I receive my 1000.00php monthly allowance from a university scholarship. These might be small in figures, but enormous in value.

9) Writing can improve your memory.

Psychologists believe writing through hands result in better memory retention. For instance in a classroom set up, students who jot down notes learn better because writing allows them to process the lecture and reflect on it resulting to better understanding and memory encoding.

10) It can help ease stress and trauma.

In a study conducted by Dr. James W. Pennebaker wherein 46 healthy college students were asked to write about their traumatic experience or trivial topic for 15 minutes for 4 consecutive days, it was observed that after 6 months, those students who wrote about their traumatic experience visited campus health center less often, and used a pain reliever less frequently, than the others.



How to Make Writing a Routine.

     Like a child starting to learn how to walk, walk slowly and gradually. You don’t have to be in a rush and force yourself to write a thousand word article instantly.  Here’s how I did it.

Have a notebook intended solely for your writing activities. It doesn’t have to be expensive, what is important is that you have a personal space you can write on and a pen to write with.     

Start by writing small but constantly. Whenever a strong emotion strikes, write down your feeling and opinion. This will develop within you a clamor to always right whenever you have something in mind.

Set a time for writing. Setting a specific time to write gives you preemptive idea that at a particular time you should already be in writing mood. That you should be ready to express yourself. That at that time you should do nothing but write.

Define your writing goal. Like the child, you have to learn to write gradually. Set how long you should be able to write. Probably from 100 words to 200. Then, gradually increase this number until you can write endlessly.

Don’t be conscious. Ignore the spelling errors and punctuation or even the grammar for some extent. For a beginner, you are excused. Your main goal is to be able to compose, but be sure that later on you become conscious about correcting and improving these mistakes.

Have somebody check on you. Ask a friend or family members to check if you have written something without them reading it. This gives you accountability to accomplish something.


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13 thoughts on “Make Writing a Routine for These 10 Reasons and How You Do It

  1. These are great tips! I always have some sort of notebook with me in case a thought or idea comes to my mind. I never force myself to write but have found that it’s a very calming, cathartic experience so I’ve started doing it almost every day voluntarily!

  2. I love writing! I think taking the time to write a little bit just for yourself can be amazing, it’s something that I really need to work on since I also do it for my profession. Thanks for the great post!

  3. I have a billion journals since I love ot write! I have thankful journals, affirmation journals.. I could go on and on! I have them all in a big box im my closet, including my first journal when I was 6 🙂

  4. I need to get back into a solid writing routine. I used to journal every night and it did so many of the things you mentioned – helped me move through many difficult experiences, process them, and work through many emotions. I always felt more relaxed and less stressed afterward and it’s nice to have all of my history in one place when I start to forget the small things.

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