Atchoum Has Hypertrichosis, Can You Tell Whether He’s a Dog or a Cat?

This little furry creature has recently created buzz over the social media, with folks debating whether he is a dog or a cat. On November 4,  Twitter user posted:

“Her.- do you have a dog or a cat?   me.- I don’t know.”

Since then, the post has amassed more than 12K retweets and 23K likes. Puzzled of his true identity, many Twitter users have made their guess. But eventually, on November 8, the man behind the viral post revealed: 

Curiously, I have examined the website and apparently, it is dedicated to the furry creature named Atchoum and it says,

“Hello and bonjour! Iatchoum, persian, cat‘m Atchoum, the hairy but not scary Persian kitten from Quebec, Canada. I purr with a French accent.

Some people say my wild furs and intense amber eyes make me look like a dog, an owl, a mad scientist, a Gremlin, Lorax or the Grinch but I’m happy to be me.

I love life and love sharing my adventures every day with you!”

Based on the website, Atchoum was born on May 10, 2014. He was given as a gift to a veterinarian in Repentigny, Quebec, Canada where her mom, Nathalie, works as a groomer. Nathalie took him home for a weekend and she fell in love with him so she asked the veterinarian if she could adopt him and the veterinarian agreed. 

Stalking on his Instagram account, I was amazed for Atchoum is a superstar with over 163K followers. His profile says “young male Persian with hypertrichosis. I’m hairy not scary!!” 

And, it seems like boat tie is Atchoum’s favorite.

persian, cat, atchoum

Atchoum was also featured in a calendar. You can buy it here.

A photo posted by Atchoum (@atchoumfan) on

Some of Atchoum’s lovely photos was taken by the expert photographer Maxime Thibodeau.

A photo posted by Atchoum (@atchoumfan) on

Atchoum is truly amazing and he got plenty of look-a-likes. Credits to his awesome website and check it for more.

persian, cat, atchoum







persian, cat, atchoum











As mentioned, Atchoum has hypertrichosis.  According to e Medical Hub , it is a condition wherein there is an excessive hair growth and thickness that is not considered normal for a person’s age, sex, body area, and ethnicity.

Nevertheless, it made Atchoum just so adorable. If Atchoum has captivated your heart too, follow him on Facebook, and Instagram . You can buy also the Atchoum Cushion and Key Ring.

This video will make you love him more.


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