Make Your Drinking Healthier With Apple Cider Vinegar

     Drinking is inevitable. You always have to drink something whether it is water or juice to quench your thirst or to simply freshen up yourself especially during sunny days. Personally, aside from drinking coffee, I am also into buying and drinking juices and other commercially prepared drinks. In going to work, I need to suffer the 30 to 60 minutes long ride because of traffic and usually, it’s sunny and just more frustrating especially if you happen to ride in a non-air-conditioned bus. After the ride, I still have to walk few minutes under the heat of the sun.

     To refresh myself, I usually drop by in a convenient store to buy some bottled juice. I have these favorite lemon juice and apple juice. Sometimes, I also apt to buy flavored chillers. However, I know for a fact that though these are fruit juices, they are still not healthy because of the preservatives added to them. Aside from that, a disadvantage is that they are costly if not overpriced.

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Health Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

     If you are up for saving, making your own drinks is a very good option, but it has to be healthy of course. An apple cider juice would be a great choice. Apple cider vinegar has become very popular because of the many health benefits it can offer. Accordingly, apple cider can boost your energy, which is perfect for those who goes to the gym or if you do heavy works. Thanks to its amino acids and potassium.

     Moreover, apple cider vinegar is said to be capable of controlling your blood sugar. Perfect for you and your parents to maintain balance sugar level. Safe to say, it is favorable in getting away with diabetes. For people who has extra pounds and choose to loose some, the apple cider is going to be helpful because it can curb your appetite and will enhance your metabolism. Though it doesn’t happen instantly, patience is a virtue right?

Making Your Apple Cider Juice

     So how do we do the apple cider juice? Kim July made a perfect video below on how to do this. She incorporated some great tips to make our experience of the apple cider juice more refreshing. All you need to do is first, purchase your bottle of apple cider vinegar. Don’t worry because you can use that for weeks or even months. Then, choose an awesome glass or mug you want to use to make the experience more enjoyable. Make sure to have also a clean water, ice cubes, and cinnamon. Finally, watch this video for the step by step guide.

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