Lighten And Brighten Your Dark Feet In Just 10 Minutes

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     We love to look good. Yes, we do. In fact, many would spend enormous amount of money just to look good. Some rely on the promises of cosmetics. But, many would only exert effort to beautify their faces. Many tend to forget that proper grooming still includes keeping a light and uniformly-colored feet.

     Perhaps, they do not notice or they just choose to ignore the darkening of their feet. Though there are some you are very particular with how their feet looks like. Some believe that how your feet look reflects your personality. Those who have beautiful feet are those who are clean in their body. Beautiful not only because of its size or shape but also because of its texture and color.

Why Your Feet Darken?

     Within our body is a special cell called melanocyte. This cell produces melanin which gives color to our skin. When there is an abnormal production of melanin, the skin may get dark.

     Moreover, darkening of the skin may also be caused by excessive exposure to sunlight especially when you are wearing sandals or slippers. When you wear tight footwear, the friction when your skin repeatedly touches to your footwear may also cause darkening of your feet. Also, drying of the skin because of some chemical components present in soap or other cosmetics that you use can cause skin darkening.


     Remember, you cannot always hide those feet. When you go to parties or any special occasions wearing open high heels, people are going to see it. You must be wearing a beautiful dress or gown and it is so ugly to look if you got a beautiful heel but with dark feet. To solve your problem, watch this video for the step-by-step guide how to lighten and brighten your dark feet.

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