4 Formidable Reasons Why You Should Make Your Life Plans Now

Your Life Plan is the Concept of Your Life. What is Your Concept?

Five, ten years from now, where do you see yourself?  What will you do in the coming years of your life? How do you intend to achieve these?  Do you have life plans yet?

 We are quite accustomed to the “come what may” and “I’ll cross the bridge when I get there” notions for they probably bring surprises.  They do not worry you about the future rather, make you feel at ease and comfortable of where you are. Yet, in the same way, they will not bring you confidence and success as much as having a life plan would.

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Making a life plan is creating a concept of your life: your education, your career, your married life or even your adulthood. It is the sketch in your painting, the blueprint of the building you are to build. It is the arrows you follow to reach the finish line. 

Why should we make life plans?

First, it will give you directions. Before I graduated and earned my degree in Ceramic Engineering, my plan was simply to work in Manila. When I started to earn, I planned on saving fund for my senior days (very futuristic). Instead of paying monthly rental, I also planned on buying my own house.

Two months before the graduation, a job was offered to me by the company where I had my on-the-job training. Hesitant at first, but for the sake of having a job to start with, I grabbed the opportunity. For a fresh graduate, I should not be picky, I thought.

Because I am extravagant, it took me some time to achieve these two other plans I have. One day, I realized I could not save even a single centavo if I just rely on myself. It has to be enforced. Thus, I decided to invest in a Variable Universal Life Insurance (VUL). So far, after a year and a half, I have not missed a single payment yet.

Buying a house was really a “now or never” decision I had to make. It was not my intention that very moment to get it because I have just started with my VUL and I thought I must take one step at a time or else I will end up having nothing in my own pocket. But, when I saw the location and realized how appreciation/depreciation works, I said to myself I should not let this opportunity pass me by. Fortunately, Pag-Ibig Fund was offering a housing loan to be paid for 30 years. With the assurance it will not get me broke, I grabbed the chance. Hopefully, this year the house will be awarded to me.

Bottom line is, if you have a life plan, you will be lead into which steps to take next and just when to take them. It will serve as your guide in putting things into their rightful place.

Second, it will help you identify your priorities. If I have not made my life plans, I would have been busy spending my hard earned salary on luxuries instead of saving for my future. I would continue to pay, for years, a house which will never be mine. But, my life plans have taught me to weigh matters just before giving in.

Just like when a friend asked me to go on a vacation abroad. It was too tempting. Who does not want to go abroad, right? By that time, I was already determined to pursue my MBA goals and considering going abroad is expensive, which means a subtraction to my savings, I simply had to give a no saying “there’s a time for everything”. To study is my priority. If I will go with them, I will definitely miss my class. Anyways, I will have more time and more places to go to when all my priorities are done and when I already have lots of money to spend.

life plans, lesson learned planning, guide and tips

Third, it allows you to be in control. If you will not decide where to take your life to, others will decide it for you. The saddest part is, you might not like where they will take you and what they will ask you to do. 

Remember when you were a kid, your parents are the ones who always decide for you and you simply had to follow because they said so. The same will happen to your entire life if you will not make your own life plans. You will just keep on following orders without complaining.

This is probably what made me different with other kids at my age when I was younger. I always have my plans and I wanted things done my way. So, whenever my parents or siblings ask me what to do, I already have my answers and means to convince them to agree with me.

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Lastly, it creates a sense of responsibility and accountability. If we have plans, we are unlikely to just settle and let them stay as plans. It will haunt you and will even push you to accomplish these life plans by hook or by crook. Is it not fulfilling to see your mere plans come into reality?

Five, ten years from now, where do you see yourself? What will you do in the coming years of your life? How do you intend to achieve these?  Do you have life plans yet?

What is the concept of your life?


So, what can you say?