Learn How Not To Be Late With Your Appointment

     Whenever you have an appointment, a business meeting, friends get together, or perhaps in your work, how early do you arrive? Or shall I ask, how often do you get late?  How do you manage your time?

     You are probably one of those people who often come to their appointment late. And, you probably you have not noticed how much trouble you have caused to your peers. Whether it is intentional or not, one must realize being late could signal a different and a negative meaning to others.

What does it mean when you arrive late?

     Coming late to an agreed time is a sign of disrespect to the person you have an appointment with. It means you do not prioritize or it has of no great value to you whatever is the reason for the meeting.

     In your workplace, coming late may suggest you have lost interest in your job. It could mean as well that you do not acknowledge to be bounded by the standards and policies set by the company before its employees.

     While you have neglected to exert effort to come on time with your appointment, others have sacrificed longer time of comfortable sleep in their bed at home and have skipped breakfast with their family.manage your time, time management, how not to be late

How not to be late?

     Now is the time to make a change. Manage your time. Learn how not to be late for your appointment from the following steps.


     Even if it is tolerated or can be given an excuse, coming late should not be made a routine. This shortcoming should be marked as an unacceptable by the person responsible itself.  Only when a person sees it as a wrongdoing that he will correct the mistake.

     Arriving prior the set time is not a mere scheduling. It is a state of the mind. It is an everyday goal you must commit with. It should be perceived as a must do and not an option. You, within yourself, must not accept nor tolerate any of your usual alibis not to arrive on or before the set time.


     Well, with what I have said above I can sense you have already made your arguments. “What if it was due to traffic? What if there were an unexpected incident?” That is exactly my point in making this step two; manipulate your time. Do not let time manipulate you!

     Do not aim to arrive just on time. Otherwise, you will be late most of the time. Remember you have no control over what happens on your way. It is always better to arrive early than to be late. You can always wait, but you can never bring back a time wasted.

One thing I will never forget our college adviser has taught us is to never to come late; always come an hour ahead of the schedule. Yes, an hour ahead. This will give you enough time to prepare yourself for the day’s activity.

     Like if your meeting is at 9 o’clock, your goal should be at the meeting place by 8 a.m. If your work starts at 3 p.m., your target to be at the office should be at 2 p.m. This means that you also have to adjust the time you have set to leave your house. Learn to manage your time.

     A friend once narrated, his work starts at 8 am, the same time his boss arrives. He made it a routine that at 7 am he is already in their office. By the time his boss arrives, he has done drinking coffee and is ready for the reports or updates his boss usually asks him in the morning.  By doing the same, even if there are unexpected incidents along your way, still you will not be late.


     Step three is probably the hardest, but the most fulfilling. Making it a lifestyle means doing it in every opportunity that comes. It is very easy to try once or twice but practicing it every day is a real challenge.

     Yet, once you have overcome and removed from your system the habit of coming late, it will then become natural. You will do it without feeling having heavy loads nor think it is a burden. It will serve as your way of life. 

     Your time is as precious as other people’s time. If you do not want your time to be wasted, so they are. Learn these steps how not to be late and show how you value and respect someone’s time.

     How do you make sure you do not arrive late? Share it in the comment box below.

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