She Didn’t Mind He Has Down Syndrome, Invited Him to be Her Date on a Homecoming

Daniel Rivas, , Kylie Fronius, down syndrome, fox5, surprisesKylie, Daniel and Tonya at Bistro 57,  screencap from FOX5

Homecoming is a perfect night to socialize and enjoy with your friends; wear your beautiful dress match with a perfect makeup. To Daniel and Kylie, it was a memorable night with a blast of surprises.

Normally, teenagers like Daniel would search and invite someone to be their date for a homecoming. Some kids would even go to extravagant invitations just to get a date. And, at least not to get a rejection.

But, Daniel Rivas, 17-year-old was turned down. Apparently, it is because Daniel has a down syndrome.

That broke the heart of Daniel’s Mom, Tonya Rivas, especially seeing her son’s sadness over the rejection.

With a kind heart – However, Kylie Fronius, a 10th grader, stepped up and invited Daniel to come with her to the homecoming.

“…I don’t think of kids that have a disability. I don’t think of them as being different. I think of them just being a normal person learning in a different ways…”, said Kylie.

Daniel Rivas, , Kylie Fronius, down syndrome, fox5, surprisesDaniel and Kylie, screencap from FOX5

Tonya was emotional and very happy because someone stepped out of her way and took a time to invite his son.

“…it’s not about that Daniel has disability, it’s Kylie didn’t see any disability, that is like what your heart wants as a mom…”, said Tonya.

Kylie’s act of kindness to Daniel hit social media and FOX5 Surprise Squad too!

On the day of their homecoming, Monica Jackson with the squad surprised Kylie and Daniel.

The two was treated with a Rolls Royce ride to Bistro 57 where Chef Franco de Furia prepared them delicious foods. Going to the party, a red carpet was rolled out for them and many attendees were waiting for their arrival.

The night was not complete until Monica break in and announced that Daniel and Kylie together with their families will go too to Disneyland.

Don Forman, owner of United Nissan also awarded Daniel with $10,000 scholarship so he could continue studying after his high school.

Moreover, Kylie’s sweetness bagged her a new car also from Forman.

Promise me not to cry and watch this video to see how everything went.

Kylie just deserves what she got out of her kindness. May she serve as a reminder to all not to judge someone with their looks and their disabilities, but what is in their heart.

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8 thoughts on “She Didn’t Mind He Has Down Syndrome, Invited Him to be Her Date on a Homecoming

  1. Dear friend,

    We should not make any difference (to consider disabled people as second-class people), but should treat them as normal people – as we all are human beings – and anyway we have all our weaknesses, here and there…

    Thanks for sharing

  2. It was such a nice thing to talk about that in your post. Kylie was so sweet for that: she didn’t see Daniels disability, she saw his beautiful personality and she got greatly appreciated and rewarded for that. She deserves all that comes to her.

  3. i found within your post a strong emotional heart,
    i once try to spend more time a lady whom had a heart attack, we’re friends until she passed away, however throughout the whole time, society made it very hard for me, in comments amongst other things…

    i found this to be a sad state for humanity..

    i also see that you have stopped by for a read,


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