Get a Task Done in 5 Simple Steps

     Are there any points in your life when you feel like you’re not doing well in your job or in a certain task given to you? Or probably you think you are not productive enough?

     Well, maybe you are right. You’re not doing well. You are not productive!

     And you know what the worst part is? You don’t meet your deadlines.

Perhaps, your boss is already getting disappointed with you. Perhaps, you’re performance rating has started to drop.

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       Wake up dude! It’s about time that you do things differently.

     School project, report, or the usual task at the office, just like you, it had been my problem as well how to improve my performance especially when there are so many things that I had to accomplish at almost the same time. Just before I could start working, my confidence that I could finish all has already gone. I doubted my capabilities, I doubted myself. Most of the time, I didn’t know where to start. If I could start it, my problem is how to meet my deadlines.

     But, as time passes by this everyday routine has taught me how to improve myself. Well, in fact, this has been my process since back in college. I’m the kind of a person who wants to do things in a systematic way. With all the reports, exams and extra-curricular activities lined up, these five simple steps to get a task done has led me to success. It was when my work assignments have overwhelmed that I recall this systematic approach. I thought it’s about time to use again this technique.


     Knowing your goal defines where and how you are going to begin with the task. What do you need to accomplish? If you have multiple tasks, which one should be done first? What is your priority?

     For instance, you need to submit a narrative report of your immersion, a reaction paper on a movie you’ve watched and a project for your art class. Your priority should be the one that needs to be submitted soonest.


     When should I finish task 1? When should I finish task 2?

      Setting a deadline when to finish a certain task will greatly help you in meeting the deadline.

     When it comes to doing the task, I don’t think and I won’t suggest that a multi-tasking is an option. Instead, focus on one goal at a time. Doing different tasks at the same time will only slow you down from accomplishing the task. Worse, you’ll not accomplish anything when the deadline comes. Focus on your priority, get it done and when you’re done, begin with the other task.


     Distractions are the reasons why you can’t focus on a task, that’s why it is important that you eliminate them. If you’re distracted with the noise around you, go to a silent place. If you feel a hungry, then eat. Address first all your personal needs so that you can have your hundred percent attention focused on the task.

     Some people can concentrate or work better whenever they’re listening to music though to some it doesn’t work.  When I was a student, I hate music when I study because the song lyrics deviates my attention. But it works better to some of my classmates because they can learn faster. Now in my work, whenever I need to get a task done quickly I would put on my headphone first and turn the music on so that I can concentrate by not hearing the voices of the people around. So know what distracts your and learn how to address them.

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     Along the way, you may get disappointed of what you have done so far. You may feel tired and may doubt if you’re doing it right. Whenever you feel this, just focus on the goal. Look at the deadline. These feelings and thought are distractions so eliminate them as well. Just think that you have to finish your task before the deadline.


     A task doesn’t end by simply doing it. Of course, you have to ensure you made it right. So, always double check the details. Get feedback from your colleagues to see points of improvement then refurnish everything. Get a task done smoothly.

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