To My Future Man, Please Take Your Time, I’m In No Hurry

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At 27 and still single, some would ask “why?”, as if I wanted to be alone. Nobody wants to be alone and neither I. 

But for sure God has prepared someone for me whom I will meet sooner or later. My Future Man. Click To Tweet

However, having our paths crossed at this very moment may not be a good idea as well.  I was too broken not to want to get involved yet. Maybe, I am scared to risk all chances of finding someone, fall in love and become happy, but eventually lose it again.

I’m taking my time to heal the wounds that I had so if I finally meet you, I am a mess no more. I want to be whole again first and be a better version of who I was.

I want to learn how to love myself again so I could love you more. I want to learn how to stand on my own so you could also lean on me.

But, please note I want to see there at our crossroad in the future. I want to know you and unveil life with you. I wonder how we would be like when we get older, you bald and I wrinkled. I’m watching at our future.

I am thinking if we can have 2 kids or three, and every Sunday I will cook for our family day. Isn’t it exciting?

future man, thought of the day, words of wisdom© Chris Hayashi

But Man, for now, take your time exploring and experimenting the things around you. Don’t worry, I am in no hurry.

Take your time hanging out with your boys, getting drunk and be careless and a mess. I have little tolerance for that.  I hope, eventually, you will get tired doing that often.

Take your time meeting and dating countless girls, so if I have you then you will no longer look at someone else. I don’t think I can take any more of that.

Take your time growing and learning from experiences and failures because they will teach you lessons no one can ever teach you.

Take your time becoming a better man. Pursue your dreams and be successful. I wish I could be there now to see your trials and struggles and support and cheer you, but if we will only fight over and over again because of our unfinished immaturity, I’d rather wait to see you in the future when we are both ready.

I believe God is molding both of us to become no less than a person he wants us to be. Everything will happen in his perfect time and everything we went through and is going through will prepare us for our future.

So for now, to my future man, take your time for I am in no hurry too. I know you’re busy and I can wait.

However, see you in the future, when we’re both ready and whole.

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33 thoughts on “To My Future Man, Please Take Your Time, I’m In No Hurry

  1. Too many people think they have to be in relationships which leads to codependency and a ton of compromise… it’s like musical chairs, but you get forced to sit in the chair you don’t want to sit in

  2. Hey Hun, I know how you feel! I was in a 5 year relationship with a high school sweet heart and maybe I was more mature than he was. I’ve been played but I had always let it slide because I thought he would grow up. Coming home at 3am is a no no! Contemplating if he wants to chill with me or his friends kinda shows he’s not ready. Having girls over on the same bed I sleep on is just not right. I’ve wasted 5 years but I also learned a lot. If he ain’t faithful, put you first it’s best to walk away and let him grow up.

  3. I am at the same point myself in life but a little older. I feel that God will bless me with the right man as well. But I agree with madisculture, It’s not that the man isn’t ready. God knows all of us and he answers prays on his schedule. So whoever is truly right for you has already been chosen and God knows exactly when to bring you both together. It can be a test of faith as well plus you have to be very humble. Just something to think about. And stay as positive as possible.

  4. April u sound like you have been through much heartbreaks. I’m sorry for that but I like the post cos I can 100% relate to it cos I am exactly in your state of mind when u wrote this

  5. You, my friend, do not put God in a small box, yet you trust Him deeply with the desires of your heart and choose to not settle! Your reward will be great. Your relationship, when He chooses, will be for a lifetime. Blessings my sister in Christ!

    1. Hello Prince! Yeah, we must love ourselves. Hopefully, someday you’ll meet your destiny/soulmate whatever you call it, let me know. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy singlehood.
      Please take care always. God bless you dear 🙂

      1. Being a man most times means walk in the pain and rejections head up high and not letting your emotions carry you. We do feel and think that way too not just sometimes but also most times. What you wrote is me right there

  6. I fell this way but at the same time I don’t . Some days I am 100 percent certain I am in no rush and that it will happen when it is meant to happen. Other days I feel lonely and as if I am falling behind while all those around me are happy in love. Thanks for posting, gave me great insight into my own feelings. Take all the time you need, I am a firm believer that things happen when they are meant to happen but at the same time things will open happen only ifwe open ourselves up to the opportunities that come our way.

  7. You’re too hard on yourself, and so are other people with this same mindset. You don’t have to be a finished product to find love. Part of the fun is dealing with the shit that happens on the journey.

      1. Been there done that, and ive had these same thoughts, but you gotta understand you havent found someone yet not because you arent ready, theres nothing wrong with you, you havent found someone yet only because the world is a messed up place and shit happens. Stay strong

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