FLIRTING 101: Killer Techniques to Get the Man You Desire

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You’re probably in an elevator when you notice someone so charming and think he’s the one. Perhaps someone you’ve known since back in college or maybe a very close friend of yours. You want to tell him you like him but you just don’t have that courage. Well, don’t worry because it doesn’t always have to come straight from your mouth. Sometimes, you just got to let your actions speak for you. These flirting techniques will get you the man you desire.

Someone You Only Met

Eyeing: Back that moment when you enter the elevator and you see that someone you find attractive, or maybe in a bar or a party, the best way to get his attention is by staring at him. Let him catch you looking at him. That can be awkward but, he will never know you’re eyeing on him unless he busted you! When he catches you, give him a friendly smile and say hi. If he responds positively, then you can start the conversation by asking his name and let the flirting goes on. Though be careful in your starting not to look scary.  Show off your innocent but sweet eyes.  Flirt mysteriously.

Someone You Already Knew

Frequent Eye Contact: You have an acquaintance that you lately find alluring. Give him a distinct eye contact followed by a sweet and sexy smile. Let your smiles suggest him you find him appealing and that you’re happy to see him. By doing this frequently he will have an idea that you’re into him.

Always Give Compliments. We all love to be appreciated. If you like something in a guy be sure you compliment him for that. By giving him a compliment, you will make him feel extra special and you must keep doing this to succeed in flirting him. You may give nice comments on his hair and clothes, or tell him he smells heavenly good. If you want a guy to like you, you must make him feel special.

Keep in Touch. You have every means the world there is to keep in touch with him. Use the power of technology! You can pretend to send a wrong text to him asking how he’s been doing or how was his experience on an activity, just to have a conversation to begin with. You may also friend him in Facebook and leave comments or like his photos. Don’t overdo it but be noticeable. Be sure you interact with each other.

Do the First Move. If you want to advance in flirting, then do the first move. Invite him on a date. In fact, you’re doing him a favour in initiating to go on a date. If he is also interested in you then he doesn’t have to think how to do it. In case he is not into you yet, by inviting him on a date you are giving him an impression you are determined to get him. It will provoke his curiosity and if you are lucky you will eventually get him.

Flirting, Dating, Relationships, Get That Man

Someone You Have a Close Relationship With

Touchy Feely. When doing this technique, I am about to tell you, be sure that you are already both comfortable with each. By doing a little touchy feely, will you make him feel wanted or desired. While having a conversation, you may opt to fix his hair or his collar. This is a very seductive way to keep close at him, catching each other’s breath. When you are sitting, allow your skins, perhaps your arm, touches each other to create fire and spark. Then, slowly aim for his pinky finger, touching it smoothly and to his full hand. If he does the same, then you’re on the go to become a successful flirt.

Talk Sexy. Lust and sex are common to men and women so without being pornographic or getting too detailed, you can spice your conversation by asking him what turns him on in a person. If he is comfortable disclosing his side, then you can go on with the conversation as much as you both want. This will bring you to a higher level of closeness and familiarity with each other.

So, what can you say?