AGE IS JUST A NUMBER: First Timer 80-year-old Maria Tie Knot With 95-year-old Carlos

WEDDING, MARIA, Maria Teresa Cobar, Carlos Suarez, DESTINY Source:  ALBERT BARG/TODAY.COM

Who knows just when we will meet our soul mate? Who knows when will we ever find true love?

For Maria Teresa Cobar, it was not until she turned 80 that she met the 95-year-old Carlos Suarez.

Maria, at 27, was a single mother when she moved to the United States from Guatemala. She has dated some but has never found someone that make her heart beat fast.

From Cuba, Carlos was 56 when he moved to the US with his wife and son. But, on 2006 his wife passed away.

The two lived in Aventura Plaza Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center in Miami, where their paths crossed last February. Impossible not to meet for Maria was living in room 407 and Carlos was just at room 404.

When he met her, he thought he would not let her go away.

“Lovebirds” as what they are referred to, the two enjoy each other’s company watching the sunsets. He would also accompany her to her favorite arts and crafts activities. Like any typical lovers, the two love to hold hands and inseparable.

According to Ana, Maria’s daughter, her mother described him as very polite, very considerate, and very special, and that man like him do not exist anymore.

On November 10, the lovers Maria and Carlos exchanged their vows at the Ventura Plaza in front of around 100 guests including their family, friends and the staff at Aventura Plaza.

WEDDING, MARIA, Maria Teresa Cobar, Carlos Suarez, DESTINY, soulmateDuring the exchange of vows.  Source:  ALBERT BARG/TODAY.COM

After eight decades, this is, in fact, the first time that Maria is getting married.

Maria was wearing a white veil and champagne-colored lace and sequined dress. While Carlos wore a long-sleeved, cream-colored guayabera.

Ana did the arrangement of flowers for her mother’s wedding and some decorations. The nursing home where the two lived supplied the arch, balloons, musical entertainment, and the dining hall where the ceremony took place.

The newlyweds are now living together in the same room at the nursing home. Their first trip as husband and wife would be for a Thanksgiving dinner at Ana’s home, expressing her gratitude that her mother had finally found love.

“They’re such wonderful people. They found their soul mates. It shows there’s no age limit for love”, said Ana.

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