If These Exist, Then Your Relationship is One of a Kind

People find love. People search for love. Some travels to find it. Others spend time and energy just to have it. To some, it comes too soon, but to others, it takes a long time of waiting. It is elusive.

Yet, for those who have already found love, how do you know it is for keeps? How do you know it is for a lifetime? How do you know he or she is the one? Here are some of the signs that your relationship is just one of a kind.

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1.You do not count.

Two people joined by love do not count who gives more or who gives less. Nor they count what one can give to the other. Rather, they are willing to offer and share everything they have. They do not count how many times one has made mistake and was forgiven. Instead, they are willing to understand and forgive again. These, not every couple can do.

2.You never stop to care.

Some would say that it is normal in a relationship that as time goes by, the care and attention one demonstrate diminishes. But, not in a relationship that is one of a kind. It rather grows and becomes sweeter. The more you get to know each other, the more ways you discover and invent that will make him or her happy and feel loved and secured.

3.You enjoy the present and you think of your future together.

One of the signs that your relationship is one of a kind is when it becomes optimistic and futuristic that while you enjoy the moments you have together right now, you also plan to have the same together in the future. That means that both of you really wanted to keep each other forever.

4.You can do things separately.

Some couple cannot do things separately or without one deciding for the other. Though it is good that you always consider your partner, this can also be a sign of over dependence which is bad for you. Along the way, you will lose the confidence of making your own decisions. Those who are in for a well-founded  relationship are supposed to be confident to decide and do things on their own because they know their partner trust them and will understand and support them.


5.There’s chemistry inside and outside the bedroom.

The reality is, sexual compatibility affects your relationship. However, that is not all that matters. Having a sexual chemistry could be a sign that you are in the right relationship if you can also build chemistry even outside of the bedroom. That is, you find a common ground to enjoy each other’s company. You laugh at each other’s corny jokes and enjoy doing weird things together. Some couple I know love to go on mountain climbing.  There are also those who simply enjoy baking muffins and experiments in the kitchen. The bottom line is, you complement and you have reasons why you want to be together.

6.You share each other’s responsibility.

If you are the kind of couple who share each other’s responsibility, whether it is with your family or with your work, you are one of a kind lovers. It means that you understand that not only the two of you exist in this world. It means that you acknowledge that the people who are part of your girlfriend/boyfriend’s life are also your family and that they matter and are important. It means that you concede her commitments are as important as yours.  You are each other’s support system.  I see a couple who help her girlfriend in sending her brother to college. There is also one who make her boyfriend’s presentation for a training at work. They share each other’s burden and eventually with success.    

7.You can talk about everything.

If friends can talk about everything, why not you lovers? Isn’t it ironic when your friends know your worries and predicaments but your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t? During these moments, he/she should be the first person to tap at your back and say it’s ok. But, how one can do this if you will not let him/her? Only the couple in a troubled relationship has this much of gap. While the couple who are meant to last have an open and honest relationship, and that is one of a kind.

8.You support each other no matter what.

Not because you are in a relationship you have to agree to everything and anything that the other he/she wants. However, despite the disagreement in opinions you still support each other. If he/she made mistakes, you are there with her to learn from that mistake and you support her to raise up. You are there for each other not only in the happy days but even in the days of defeat.

9.No one dominates the other.

Another sign that your relationship is one of a kind is if neither of you dominates in the relationship. No one controls and dictates the action of the other. No one makes demands without consideration to his or her opposite. Instead, you have equal rights and power. Each of you welcomes and respect the opinion of your partner. You are considerate to each other’s emotions and well-being. Before taking actions, you ensure first that both will benefit and happy of the outcome.

10.You can work out your differences.

Not every couple is the same in their wants and dislikes. Even in dreams, plans, and ambitions in life, there are differences. Not necessarily taking the different route, but you are both willing to give a slight of adjustment just to meet at some common point.  You respect your differences and even with that, you find ways to make things possible and enjoyable.


Many relationships start sweetly but end bitterly. Thus, if these ten signs are already present in your relationship, make sure nobody takes it away from you.

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14 thoughts on “If These Exist, Then Your Relationship is One of a Kind

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  2. Really insightful list. As partners in our “Back Forty” together for only 2 1/2 years (after being friends for 1 1/2 years before that) we are blessed to have all of these…though we are probably light on #4 right now: we still do most together, and enjoy it. Perhaps coming into long-term relationship a second or third time, a later-in-life choice can be a lot more discerning than our earlier ones…and this is a good barometric list to consider. Thanks!

  3. This is by far on one the best crafted and most articulate list on what true love looks and feels like! Yes April, just yes! “if these ten signs are already present in your relationship, make sure nobody takes it away from you” —That is golden! priceless, excellent! Let nobody, not even yourself ♥ Biwa & Andestagōnwa ♥

  4. As a married person who has never doubted (even in the most difficult times) that I married the right person for me, I want to add to this list: sometimes you don’t work it out and sometimes you don’t meet in the middle — sometimes you just give in. And that’s all right.

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