To The 19-year-old Me, 8 Years Ago: You Should Have Listened

But, if only I could make things right, I wish I have listened. We may have our own minds, but there are things in life that we might be missing, but others can see. There are some lessons in life that we will only learn if we listen to others.

10 Lessons My Bad Relationships Have Taught Me

It’s nice to fall in love. It feels good to be in love and to be loved. But, not everything that is good and nice lasts forever. Sometimes, there are only there to teach you lessons the hard way.

At 27 I Have My Own House and Here’s What I Learned

I am just an ordinary employee. I do not earn so much from my job. But, I cannot allow this fact to limit me. My resources would not adjust to me, but I can adjust myself to fit my resources with my needs. I must have my own.