On Her 7th Birthday, This Girl Has Incredibly Earned $307 to Help a Premature Baby

Every time one celebrates a birthday, she or he is excitedly expectant of receiving gifts from friends and family members. That remains true especially to children.

Yet, Addison Williams shifted from the norm when she celebrated her seventh birthday.

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Instead of asking present from her party goers, she requested them to donate some money. Addison has collected a total amount of $307 on October 23.

Her purpose for doing it will show you how beautiful her heart is. The young Williams gave the money to Mr. and Mrs. Philip Young to pay the medical bills of their baby Cooper.

Cooper was delivered premature and though she has not met her yet, Addison’s pure heart simply beat for Cooper. Addison has only gotten to know Cooper through a Facebook page that her grandfather introduced to her.

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Reported on ABC News, Philip said they called Addison to greet her and tell her that they were honored that Addison has chosen Cooper.

For her to do that and sacrifice present for Cooper, to us is quite a selfless act,” he added.

Proud of her daughter’s noble act, Emily Williams said her daughter deserves full credit for her giving spirit.

“She legitimately has a heart of gold. She never ceases to amaze us,” she added.

At that very young age, Addison only proved to us that even small can do big things.

So, what can you say?