Ava Older Than Alexis, Alexis Taller Than Ava, Watch How These Kids Reacted When They Found Out They’re Twin

Seeing around kids that look alike is no more unusual. But, did you know how do they actually reacted when they found out that they are a twin?

The McClure twins, Alexis and Ava, are no less than cute and adorable in their video when their mother told them that they are a twin.

Apparently, Alexis was not so happy when she found out that Ava was older than her. Though Ava was only one minute older.

“But I want to be older,” Alexis said almost crying. Sweet she is, Ava gave her twin sister a hug, trying to comfort her.

“I wanna grow, Alexis continued.

On the other hand, Ava just turned upset when she realized that Alexis is taller than her. To make her feel better, Alexis told her that they are just of the same size.

Watch in this video how cute Alexis and Ava are.

The McClure twin is indeed a wonderful blessing to their parents, Justin and Ami.

Yeah, they were once a baby too.

And is forever a baby to their parents.

So, what can you say?