How To Be Alone But Happy and Not Bored: The Seven Steps

     Since last June when my class in the graduate school started, Saturday has always been a tiring day for me. But, yesterday was different.

     During a class report, one of my classmates did a joke on being single. He further asked, “Is it true that women get bored when being single for too long?”

     He pointed to us, ladies, one by one to answer, but when it was my turn, I stopped and thought for a moment and answered: “It depends on your priorities.” In my mind, I was thinking “In fact, I was praying to God please not now.”

     I might be alone, but not lonely. I am not bored. In fact, I am happy. Click To Tweet

     So let me tell you what gives me those positive vibes despite being single for years now.

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How to be alone, but happy and not bored?


    This is the most important. You will never find joy unless you find yourself first. After being in love, get broken and lost, you must be wandering by now. Don’t worry, you are not alone. I feel you. Been there, done that. But, for sure you will get through. ( Check this: 6 Ways Toward Finding Yourself )


     Seriously, you have a lot to be thankful of. Your family (your parents and siblings), they are always there for you. Your friends, they are just one text away. You have a good job that provides you whatever you want, even luxuries. You eat in expensive restaurants, you can buy high-end gadgets, and you can just afford to waste some money on other stuff. Others do not have those privileges.


     We are so good in loving others, but we fail to give a little love to ourselves. You deserve it more. Learn to appreciate yourself. Think of the good qualities and strength you have. It is not being conceited. It’s knowing your worth.

     Treat yourself. Come on, you work hard and what for? And one last thing, do yourself a favor. Eradicate those people who make life difficult for you. You don’t need them.

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     When was the last time you went out with your high school or college friends? Or perhaps your childhood friends or neighbors? Catching up with old friends is just a nice feeling. It brings back happy memories.

     It so happens that I grew up in the province and I only have few friends here in the metro. But, whenever possible, we come together and have fun. Moreover, I am so thankful I have a bunch of supportive friends in the office. Finding company is no big problem.

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     Sad to say, but you really might be forever alone. You have to accept that possibility. Nothing is certain. Unless you rather settle just with anybody.  I mean just anybody! Please do not this cheap!

     Acceptance will help you move on and go on with life. There is nothing wrong with being alone as long as you are happy. In fact, you are not alone and you will never be. You always have your family and friends.


    Aside from what you are doing now, what else you want to do? Or should I ask, if you are not doing what you do now, what would you have done? What do you want to achieve in life?

     Whatever it is, now the time to make them happen. Grab this freedom in your life to make them work. One day you will realize you have wasted so much time of your life.


     What makes you busy nowadays, aside from your job or studies? If none, find one. You feel lonely only because nothing consumes your time. Nothing excites or worries you.

     You may opt to go to a gym, take a yoga class or swimming lesson.  Anything that will make your day productive. I tell you it is fun to experiment.

     The bottom line is, you should know how to make your own happiness. Do not depend your happiness to other people. Create your own. Make yourself happy.

     Thanks to my classmate who made me realize I was doing these seven steps. Yesterday was tiring but meaningful. 

     By the way, share this post to your friends if you like it. Let’s promote positivity.

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23 thoughts on “How To Be Alone But Happy and Not Bored: The Seven Steps

  1. I can be alone and happy. never doubt that.., but then I’m like that because may be being alone is a luxury for me. I wonder, people who go to bed alone and wake up alone.., must be lonely, no?

  2. I absolutely love this. These words are so powerful and couldn’t come at a better time in my life, and I’m sure plenty of others! Thank you!

  3. Well done!! You learned these at an earlier age than most people learn it. In fact many never do learn it!!
    My husband died 6 years ago and I retired. I agree totally with all of your advice. I have friends and family and love my life!! I am sharing this tomorrow!!

  4. Nice, but having the company of good friends and family is good.. Be alone,meaning not having any friends at least two or three for a person doesn’t have a spouse. Family should invite and spend more time with family members who don’t have a spouse. I do understand what your saying and as a person who is alone I’ve done many of these things to get through the life of being alone. I am still hold out hope for a partner. I don’t like the idea of going through life alone.

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