ADVICE SEEKER No. 3: The Business Partner

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          Not every emotion we feel deserves attention. Not every feeling we have deserves to be entertained. Sometimes, they have to be acted with the right attitude in the right circumstance. This should apply in the story of our advice seeker we called “The Business Partner”.



Hello, good evening. Can I talk to you for now?



Sure, dear. How can I help you?



I just want a good advice for these unexplainable feelings of mine.


Tell me how you feel.

onlinelogomaker-092015-0113This is the situation. I have 2 kids, but my husband and I are not yet married. My ex-boyfriend also has a family now, but we just have the same situation. They’re not married as well. Sometimes, we meet, but just being friends and he wants to help me to have a business. In that case, we’ll be business partners.

advice seeker, relationships, wife, husband, partner

onlinelogomaker-092015-0113The problem is whenever we’re together, we are just like the old times. Just like the way how we talk to each other, the bonding, we open up topics to talk about and laugh. We know that we love each other, but it is not possible to happen again. I just want to know if this is really an infatuation.

onlinelogomaker-090315-0224My dear, I don’t want to call it an infatuation. In fact no matter how you call it still doesn’t matter anymore. The thing is, you are confused with your feelings. Well, let me remind you that you have just said that you both have kids and partners. Am I right? Though you’re both not married, you both owe respect to your partners. Call it etiquette. You shouldn’t be minding whatever that feeling is. One more thing, I don’t think it’s a good idea that you become business partners unless both your partners are highly involved as well. I don’t mean to be rude to you, but wake up dear.


Hmm ok. Thank you for your advice. Now I understand. I really want to be far from him also because we both have our own families. In fact, our partners don’t want us to talk or mingle other friends.


          First, I just think our advice seeker is emotionally confused. She said they both know they love each other, but here she is asking if this is just an infatuation. I am not in the position to judge her but as I have said “Not every emotion we feel deserves attention. Not every feeling we have deserves to be entertained”. Perhaps, her union with her partner was in a challenge and here her ex-boyfriend offers comfort and help.

          It feels good to know that despite what had happened in the past and the time that had flown, there is still someone who remains to care and love you (probably). It tickles in the deepest part of your heart. If you’re single and not committed to anyone, it’s heaven but not if you have already committed yourself to someone. Each time you feel that tickle you must remember twice your responsibility to your partner. Our advice seeker may not be married to her partner but still she has a responsibility on him and to their kids. To her partner, the responsibility to respect their union and his feelings. To the kids, the responsibility to be a mother and a good role model.

          Second, it’s not a good idea that they become business partners. Why? Well, as she said they’re acting like the old times and the romantic feelings has begun to reoccur. Working together may only fire up that forbidden romance. I don’t want them to be trapped in a situation that they might both regret. In the very first place, their partners are also not in favour in them seeing each other. It only means that they are not comfortable with the idea.

          Sometimes, our emotions lead us to situations that may hurt other people; people we love and love us back, those who trust us and rely on us. That’s why it is important that we think before we act on something. It is important that we act with the right attitude in the right circumstance.


          How about you, what advice can you give to our advice seeker? Leave us your comment.

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