ADVICE SEEKER NO. 1: The Best Friend

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“The Best Friend”

-Iligan, Philippines


          Indeed, it is in friendship where love often begins. You get to know each other well, spend most of the happy time together. But not every friendship can well develop into a loveship.  Just like the story of our advice seeker. 



Hello. Can I ask you for some tips and advice??



Sure! About what, dear?



It’s between my best friend and my present boyfriend.



Oh, seems complicated. Tell me more about it.



Eric was my best friend for a very long time. He is courting me. I don’t want to offend him, but I don’t want also to cheat my boyfriend. Both of them are very important to me.



Girl by the sound of it, it seems that you also like Eric. Am I right?

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Nope. He is like a brother to me. A very close friend.

The last time we’re together, I slept in their house. He thought I was asleep. He whispered on me that he really loves me and he will do everything just for me. He said he can’t afford to loss me.



Oh, that’s too sweet of him.



But I was just pretending that I was asleep and I heard everything he said.

I felt so guilty and sorry for him.


Welonlinelogomaker-090315-0224l, let me tell you this. “Think before you act.” If you really love your boyfriend, then stay in love with him. With Eric, if he’s really a friend then definitely he would understand how you feel. Be frank to him. Tell him that he’s important to you and you value your friendship. But, be very honest to tell him as well that you love and value more your boyfriend.

          There’s no easy way to do it girl. Along the way, someone has to be hurt but it won’t last long if you do it the right way. I’m afraid if you keep entertaining the feelings of Eric you might just end up losing your boyfriend.

          I think you should continue pretending as if you don’t know his feelings. But dear maybe you should make a little distance from him. But not too far for him to notice it. Maybe refrain from staying only the two of you together. Refrain sleeping to their house. Maybe your too much closeness created the fire.



Maybe you’re right. Thank you for listening.



No problem dear. I would love to hear your stories. Stay in love. God bless you.

              I must say it feels wonderful to love somebody you truly know. Someone you can trust. A person who already know you from inside and out. But in the same way, it’s a big  challenge to admit to that person that you have fallen in love with her.

           I must commend Eric for being courageous to tell her about his feeling and also for being man enough to accept and respect her decisions. His willingness to wait has just shown how much he loves her.

        After two weeks, we got a message from our A. Seeker.

COnvo              To our advice seeker, it was good that you know where your heart really belongs to. I hope that though you cannot compensate Eric’s love, you will continue to be a better friend to him and I hope that your friendship will last forever.  Who knows, in the future, if you recall those moments, you will just laugh at  it.

                  How about you, what advice can you give to our seeker? Leave us a comment.

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