7 Things Girls Want To Tell Their Man

            In every relationship, communication is very important. In fact, in can make-or-break your partnership. It makes relationship fruitful if there is generous openness, honesty and trust, but will surely shatter and hurt you once you break the rule and girls are the most affected.

             However, sometimes no matter how open and honest we are with our partner there are those little and simple thoughts that we cannot simply tell. Here are seven of the things that girls want to tell their men.


1. I’M JEALOUS. It’s quite easier to express jealousy if it’s due to another woman. But it’s a real challenge if she’s jealous of his man’s girl best friend, childhood friend or just a very close friend.  

         Jealousy is a very difficult emotion to handle. You can’t control when and towards whom you are going to feel it. Even if we understand the very fact that it’s the way of their friendship, the time, sweetness and care he’s giving to her sicken us. Even if we know we shouldn’t be jealous, we still can’t help not to feel it, and we are afraid or hesitant to tell this with our boyfriend. Why? Because we simply don’t want to look unreasonable. Yes, it is unreasonable. We are being unreasonable. In this case, we didn’t choose to be one. We become unreasonable because we love.

2. I WANNA KNOW YOUR FRIENDS. For childhood lovers or classmates, this is not a big deal. But for those who came from different circles, it is something that must be worked.

          We, girls, want to meet our boyfriend’s friends because we want to know the kind of people he gets along with. In this way, we can get to know each other more. In fact, we see more of his true color whenever his friends are around.  Besides, when a guy introduces his girlfriend to his friends it sends a message of declaration that he is in a serious relationship. This make girls feel more secure and acknowledged.

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3. I WANT ACCESS TO YOUR SOCIAL ACCOUNTS. Oops! This is quite personal. Yes, it is very personal and you can only share with someone you truly trust. But, what is a relationship? Is it not about loving and trusting? Unless you have something to hide, you have no reason not to let her do so.

        We want our man to be honest and open to us. We want them to trust us. By allowing us to access their Facebook, Twitter, etc., it gives us the feeling of trustworthiness and committedness. Though as well it proves his innocence. No cheating, no hidden secrets, no white lies.

4. I NEED YOUR TIME. How can you be closer to someone you love if not by giving her your time? She is not asking you to spend all your time with her. She understands you have to make a life, make a living, and live your own life. What she’s asking is a quality time with you. A time where you can just sit or lie down and talk about your future, watch a movie and laugh together or maybe jog together. Just a time between you and her. A time where you can both feel more loved even without saying it.

 5. I KNOW YOU’RE LYING. Girl’s instinct do exist, just in case you do not know. It’s probably in the sound how you deliver, in your way of reasoning or perhaps how you act that she would notice you’re making little white lies. She loves you that much that she has memorized you in every way. So if I were you, better not dare to lie.

6. YOU CAN COUNT ON ME. Men often hide their emotions. But she knows when you have problems and worries too. She can feel it when you are not in the good mood or when you are quiet and she wants you to share it with her. She might not be the solution, but she wants to make you feel better by giving you comforting words, cheering you up or by giving you a gentle kiss. She wants to be part of every struggle and success you encounter.

7. I LOVE YOU. Of course, you do know she loves you. But she means more than just what you know. She could mean “I love you even if you always make me feel jealous. I still love you even if you don’t trust me. I love you more even if you don’t have time for me and I will never stop loving you even if you keep lying to me.”

Do you have anything else in mind? I’d love to hear your comments.

So, what can you say?