6 Ways Toward Finding Yourself

     That feeling when you feel the need to go out and take a walk not knowing exactly where to go. That feeling when you want to forgive but deep down inside you are burning in anger. When you are just there sitting or lying in your bed, but feels like you have been to a marathon. You feel tired. Exhausted. Suddenly, you do not know what to do anymore. Then, you decide to just forget it happened. Not forget, maybe ignore. Escaped.

     You are lost.

     I knew it.

     Of course, I do.

     I have been there.

     So far, there were only two incidents in my life which ended me totally lost. Those were like nightmares. And, every time I remember those days and recall how I cope with it, I could just smile and say, “wow, I made it. I survived”

     Yet, we have different experiences. You might be lost after separating from your husband, failed relationship or perhaps after you lost your job. However, no matter what you are going through, I believe the following ways will somehow lead you toward finding yourself. 

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1. RELEASE NEGATIVE VIBES. Start by releasing that baggage you are carrying alone. Talk to a family member or a close friend and tell all your worries and doubts. Share what bother and hurt you. Reflect on these incidents and realize what life lessons you can get.

     This is a way of recognizing something is wrong and having someone to tell everything about will make you feel better, knowing that you are not alone in this hardest time of your life.

2. FORGIVE AND ACCEPT THE IMPERFECT YOU. People commit mistakes. We all do. If you did some mistakes before, those are already history now. It’s time now to forgive yourself for the wrong things you have done and for the wrong decisions you have made.

     Accept that you are just a man. Eventually, at some point in our lives, we stumble. We will fail. We can be wrong. But, life does not end there. You must accept that you will never be perfect and then, stand up. Move on.

3. SURRENDER TO GOD. This list will not be complete without this part. I know we have different faiths, but there is only one God. I know you understand what I mean. That mighty one, surrender to him. Pour out to him all your sorrows and pain.

     Finding yourself is not an easy mission and surrendering will help you gain peace and courage. I must admit, there were many times that I also question God “why?”  I wished I could tell Him He was wrong. But at the end of the day, God is God.

     If you are asking how to surrender? It is simple. Acknowledge you cannot do it without Him.  Simply humble down to Him. Believe that He allowed it to happen for your own good.

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4. RECALL WHAT YOU USED TO DO. Since your goal is to find your old self, you have to recall what you love to do even before you get lost, and start doing them again. Those things that you never want to miss. Those things that you used to do on your own. These are the things that will remind you of how independent and capable you are.

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5. RECONNECT TO YOUR NETWORK. As I have said, life must go on. Sounds cliché, right? But, it is true. You cannot be forever stuck to where you stopped.

     Go on invite your friends for a small get together party. Take time to laugh at your old crazy stories. Find out how and what keep them busy nowadays. You may arrange activities that you can do all together.  Or maybe you can schedule a travel on vacation.

      Build a whole new world with the people who have been in your life for the longest time.

6. MAKE A NEW LIFE PLAN. After all that has happened, what is your plan now? From your current point, define what you want to achieve. What direction will you take? What changes you plan to implement?

     It is important that you have a specific direction of the next course to take. It will creative a drive within you and will push you to succeed not for others, but for yourself.

     Definitely, finding yourself will not be easy and will take time. One day you are okay and happy, and the next day you are not okay again. You will realize pain continue to linger. But, do not be discouraged. Just go on with the entire process until you learn to live with the present and laugh at the past. Until you finally find your old self.

     I told you, I have been there.

     I was once lost, but now I am found.

     If you have other tips to add, feel free to share it in the comment section.

     PS. Don’t forget to share this with your friends. Who knows, someone needs it this time.

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