6 Sweet Revenge You Can Do To Your Boss

     Did you ever have a boss who’s from the very start never trusted you or perhaps have doubted your capabilities? How about a manager who keeps intimidating and insulting you? A dragon who only keeps giving you commands. A monster.  

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          In a workplace, the worst antagonist you will ever encounter is your boss because he will surely know every inch of a move you do. But don’t be discouraged! Don’t let yourself be dragged down by the negative vibes this monster is radiating. Instead, use it as a challenge to prove that you’re worth a treasure. Below are the six sweet acts you could do to revenge to your boss:

1. DON’T BE LATE. Coming to the office at least thirty minutes before the time is enough for you to be able to prepare yourself before the dragon comes. If he has assigned you to update him on something, be ready with what you are going to answer. Be sure to have all the details he needs and be needing. This way you can smartly tell him that you’re paying attention to your task. 

2. MEET THE STANDARD. Every company has their basis on rating the performance of their employees and even before the executives see it, your superior has already done scrutinizing yours if he’s not the one giving it, so be sure you’re not losing the race. Make a weekly check perhaps on what you have done. By this, you’ll be reminded of what you need to accomplish. Once you hit the target, this is something you can brag to him that you’re not a losing liability.

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3. ALWAYS SAY “YES”. A good leader knows how to delegate tasks. So when he asks you if you could do the task, never say no. Always welcome new opportunities to prove what you are cable of doing. Besides, this is your chance to meet other people who may contribute to your growth and development as a person and as an employee.

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4. SPEAK YOUR MIND. I tell you, he doesn’t know everything. At this point, you can be his saving grace so don’t be afraid to share your ideas or opinion especially if it will help greatly in achieving the company’s goal. Remember, there is no small or big, and right or wrong suggestion. In fact, big ideas come from the small ones.

5. WATCH YOUR TIME. Some tend to misuse their time. Instead of keeping themselves busy with work-related activities, they devote it to their personal matters. That’s why you just can’t blame companies who ban bringing cellular phones at the workplace and block the browsing of social networking sites from their office computers. Remember, the company pays you for that job so be responsible enough to spend those times solely for what you have been paid for. This will make you more productive.

6. THINK DIFFERENTLY. Stop counting what you can get from the company. Don’t feel disappointed for those unpaid couple of hours you stayed late at work to finish a task. Instead, think of what you can contribute to its growth because eventually you will reap as well the fruit of your labor and that monster will surely be proud of you.

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