5 Things You Must Consider Before Quitting A Job

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     I asked myself “how long will I stay in my job?”. For two years in the company where I currently work, I can’t remember even a single day that I said to myself I want to quit this job or I want to resign. In fact, I enjoy my job. I love it. I feel like I’m just in the right place.

     Yet, I noticed that many of my colleagues have already resigned. As a consequence, there are a lot of new faces in the office.  I thought the company is so generous to us, the work is not that heavy and stressful, and the co-workers are easy to deal with. But, why would someone give up such opportunity?

     Thinking that plenty remain unemployed though they’ve earned degrees, several questions popped into my mind, wondering if my colleagues ever asked their selves these questions before they create, sign and submit their resignation letter.

Why would I resign?   

     The reason for your resignation is very important because this will definitely make or break your future.

     Assess why do you have to resign: Is it because of your boss, your workload, your co-worker, or the small salary? If one of these is your reason, you better think twice before you give your boss your resignation letter because you may still encounter the same problem in your future job. Identify the problem and how it can be fixed. Your problem might be too small to sacrifice your existing job.

     Is there anything that will keep you at your current job? Check whether your reasons for leaving overweigh the things that can make you stay. Is or are your reason/s reasonable enough? Will you be happier, more productive and successful if you give up this present opportunity?

     Do not decide impulsively. Do not let your emotion manipulates you. Your resignation is not the solution to all the problems. Think about it carefully because once you leave, there is no easy way of coming back.

Where will I go then?

     Of course, when you resign you will eventually have to find another job unless you don’t have any plan at all going back to work. Ask yourself, where will I find a new job? What kind of job is waiting for me?

     Some prefer to seek a new job after they have resigned. But, I would suggest, if time favors, find first a new job before you resign.

     It is better to secure a new job before you forward your notice of resignation since you don’t know how long it will take until you can find one. Do not resign unless you have officially received a letter offering you the job.

     In several industries, there are numerous of work opportunities. Yet, due to competition, your dream job can still be illusive.

Is the season good for job hunting?

     If you’re still going to look for a new job, don’t forget to consider the time of the year. The fourth quarter is a bad season for job hunting. It’s the time of the year in which bonuses, 13th-month pay, and other incentives are given to employees. Thus, many companies freeze hiring during this season.

Do I have enough fund to sustain me?

     Finding a new job doesn’t happen overnight. You have to invest time and money coming to different employers for series of interviews and exam. Sometimes these may take weeks and if you’re unlucky months. And, during these times, you are no longer receiving monthly salary deposited directly to your account. You have to pay your expenses from your own pocket or savings if you have. So ask yourself, “is my savings enough to sustain all my expenses while I’m unemployed?”

Are you willing to start small?

     One of the reasons why it’s risky to quit a job because you don’t have the assurance as to what kind of job you will get and how much it can offer you. Good for you if you find a decent and high paying job relevant to your career path. But, what if the available job is not what you expected? What if the wage is lower than your previous and with the increasing demand to support your family’s need, are you willing to restart from the bottom then just find your way to the top?

     Quitting a job you have learned to live with might be easy but finding a new one is the exact opposite. Your job provides you shelter, the luxury of expensive gadgets, sumptuous food, vacation travel, and etc. So always think many times before you decide to resign from a job. Love your job as much as it loves you.

So, what can you say?