5 Practical Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For Work At Home Jobs

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     As the family grows in number and the price of commodities increase, it is ideal that both husband and wife have their own job as a source of income to cope with the expenditures. One could be the primary source of income sustaining the family’s basic need and the other supporting other family expenses.

     But, finding a job and keeping it isn’t easy. Wives, mostly, are discourage to work, due to the fact that at the beginning, mothers must take care of the family. Thus, I am urged to convince you to sign up for work at home jobs due to five simple but practical reasons.

1) Your Family is Your Priority

     Companies offering work at home jobs truly understand the value of the time you spend with your family. Working online offers you the freewill to work anytime of the day at the very comfort of your home. You can work when the babies are asleep or even after cooking and washing the dishes. You can earn money without compromising the welfare of the family.

2) Your Time is Gold

     Your job demands your presence at the office or at the field at a given time and day. One big waste of time when working on-site is the time you spend to travel from your house until you get to your office. And, that time you spent on travelling is a just a time wasted.

     Especially here in Metro Manila, traffic is a serious problem which every traveller has to deal with every day. Some spend two to three hours merely going to the office and the same amount of time when going home. But, when you work at home, you can kiss goodbye to all the hassle.

Transportation expenses, work at home, online jobs, reasons to work at home, relationship goals, work for moms, budget, family, source of income, income

3) You Earn and Save at the Same Time

     As I have mentioned, working on-site requires you to travel which means you need to cut a portion of your hardly earned income to allocate for the transportation expenses. You may also include the expenses you incurred during lunch or break time when you buy some food.

     When you choose to work at home, you can rather save your budget for transportation plus your food expense is only minimal. Not to mention, you can earn the same or even much more amount of money with online jobs.

     If you just need an extra income to complement your existing or to have personal savings, work at home jobs is also a perfect option. You can go to your usual work, and when you’re at home you can still do the extra job.

4) You’re The Boss!

     Supervisor, assistant manager, manager, so on and so forth. There are too many bosses when you work for real companies. The ladder has too many steps which may only get you tired of climbing.

     When you work online, you are the boss next to your employer or client. This is also why I think work at home job is ideal for new moms because when a member of the family is sick, she doesn’t need to go ask permission from her boss she will go on leave. She has the yes or no to everything.

     Also, as the boss in an online job, you get to choose what kind of job you want to do and you earn based on how much you work. Unlike when you work for companies, no matter how much effort you exert you still get the same salary.

5) The Competition at the Battle Field is Tight

     One of the reasons why many degree holders remain unemployed is because there are too many graduates but only a few job is available. Considering the educational background and work experience, you might not be the employer’s priority as of the moment. But, you can’t just sit down and wait.

     The good thing about work at home jobs is that they don’t really require you to be a master of something. There are jobs available where you can start with only a little knowledge and expand it later as you learn the process. Some provide coaching or guide on how to do the task.

     Nevertheless, even a non-college graduates can get hired in online jobs. I remember back in college days, one of my classmates used to earn roughly around 30,000.00php (640USD) monthly from being a web developer/designer. You too can earn this much and even more.

work at home, online jobs, reasons to work at home, relationship goals, work for moms, budget, family, source of income, income

     Having said all these practical reasons why you should sign up for work at home jobs, I have listed down some jobs, with the links of companies where to apply, should you wish to try and start earning freely. 

  1. Translator Jobs – You get paid by translating (mostly to English) text documents, emails, and subtitle in movies or even books. Apply here.
  2. Writing Jobs – Here, you will be asked to write an article, blog posts, ebook, etc. and you get paid for every article you right and get accepted. Apply here. Also available from here.
  3. Photography Jobs – This one is perfect for a photography enthusiast. You can turn your hobby into a real business. Here you get paid for every photo you upload that a customer buys. Truly awesome. Apply here.
  4. Tutorial Jobs – By teaching online you get paid for every hour (per student) you spent on teaching. You also get to choose what subject you want to teach. Apply here.

So, what can you say?