5 Powerful Ways To Become Happy When Sadness Strikes

     All we ever wanted in life is simply to find happiness and be happy. However, happiness sometimes can become elusive. It runs away. It hides. It escapes. Yet, through the years, I have discovered these five powerful ways to become happy when sadness strikes.

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1)  Read the Bible

     Whenever you experience challenges or difficulties in life, remember that there is a God who is always there watching you and is very much willing to comfort you. Through reading the scripture, you will be reminded of God’s faithfulness and his love to his children, including you. Allow his words to show and demonstrate you how much He cares about you. The scripture itself will speak to you that God has made a plan for you and that He wants you to become victorious. His words and promises will comfort you from pain and will give you hope.

2)  Count Your Blessings

     Sometimes, if not always, we focus on failures and mistakes we had to the point that we forget to count our blessings. We get consumed by these misfortunes that we fail to be thankful for what we have. Try counting your blessing; the brand new day added to your life, your family and friends who love you, and the work that you have, or the promotion given to you. Aren’t these more than enough reason to be happy? Only when you learn to appreciate and value what you have that you will also find joy even in unanswered prayers. You will see greater opportunities behind these unwanted circumstances.

3)  Be With Your Family and Friends

     Nobody can understand us the way our family and close friends can. Even in our craziest and most stupid days, they will still welcome us with a big hug and without any judgment. So when you are unhappy, simply run to these people. Pour out all your negative emotions so that happy feelings can come out.

     I remember during my college days, I was studying in a city 4-hour bus ride away from our home. Every time I feel disappointed or broken hearted, I would go home and there I find peace, comfort, and love. With my family and high school friends around, it simply makes me feel like I’m in a totally different world. There, I regain strength and joy.

4)  Write Down Your Thoughts

     In my previous post “Make Writing a Routine for These 10 Reasons and How You Do It” I mentioned that writing can calm you from an intense emotion or anger. It also clears your mind and thoughts. Please read the details on my previous post.

5)  Just Take a Break

     Sometimes, with all the pressure and stress bombarding us, all that we need is just a break. When life is making it difficult for you, allow yourself to escape from all these. Go on a vacation, hang out with friends or simply party alone. This will give you time to relax, think and be energized. Do not deprive yourself of the freedom and happiness you deserve.

     Life is a matter of choice and happiness is the greatest option you can ever have. Choose to be happy amidst all the problems and claim this happiness by doing these five ways.

9 thoughts on “5 Powerful Ways To Become Happy When Sadness Strikes

  1. Great tips!! Thanks for sharing your ideas. Counting your blessings is a great habit to get into to ward off discontent or the blues!

  2. Taking a break is the best thing for me. My mind races a lot and obsesses; so sometimes I just need a break. lol.

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