Watch Out: 4 Reasons Social Media is Bad for You

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     Since their beginning, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and the likes, has traveled a milestone in terms of the number of their active user. Every year, the counting continues to grow.

     Undeniably, these sites have helped the society in many different ways: To bloggers, social media is a huge help in bringing traffic to their sites. To business owners, it has become a media for promotions and gaining sales lead. To many ordinary citizens, social media has bridged the communication gap with their distant relatives.

     However, as time goes, the growing number of users and easy accessibility of the social media have created drawbacks. To number a few, here are five reasons why social media is bad for you.

1.  Unproductiveness

     Would you agree with me if I say social media is addictive? Yes, it is.

     If you do not agree with me, get your phone or go to your computer. Start browsing and time how long till you stop browsing. You do, or probably not, noticed that you have already spent hours liking and sharing every post you see on that screen. Not to mention, you engage in an exchange of comments and group chats.

     Your precious time which should have been spent with your family helplessly went gone. Sadly, you cannot bring back time. I remember back then when I was a student, I was supposed to do a research for my class report, but I was tempted to browse my Facebook account. I said it will not take long, but I ended up spending all my time sharing photos and videos. Social media craze leads you to unproductiveness.

2. Wrong Information

     With millions of users sharing information left and right, you will be fed with many frauds and unverified information. You can hardly identify which one is true and not. I even doubt if you would still bother to verify them before giving your unsolicited opinion.

     Some were even subjected to criticisms and wrong judgments because of the wrong information spread out about them. While there are others who were victimized by online scams and some heinous crimes because of this deceptive information. If it happened to them, it can also happen to you.

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3. Loss of Privacy

     Social media is a huge sphere you have little control. The moment you sign up to these social networking sites, expect your information to be at risk. They may be governed by some policies and pledged to give utmost security on your personal information, but be fully aware as well of how rampant hacking is today despite as mentioned.

     Moreover, on the lighter side, due to how easy it has become to share photos, videos and even our personal opinion on a particular issue, we have lost our old stringent filtering system on information we share to the world.

4. Health Issues

     In an article “Why Social Networking is Bad for Mental Health” by Nickolay Perov, he did discuss health issues attributed to social media which includes addiction, lack of attention span, the decline in intellectual abilities, stress or fatigue, and even emotion suppression. (Head on the article for the details.)

     Though social media has many advantages, it is nevertheless inexcusable to ignore the negative impact it could bring to our lives. I myself is in the process of learning, not to unlove, rather use social media with discipline and propriety.

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Here are some pointers I personally employ when using my social media account.

a. When working, keep away with your cellular phone or close browsers with networking sites open.
b. At least an hour before your sleeping time, let your brain rest by no longer checking your social media feed.
c. Trust only information from reliable personalities or sources. In the same way, do not share information unless you have verified its truthfulness.
d. Do not place in your profile personal information like contact number or email. Do not store the password on your computer. Most importantly, never save your credit card information.
e. Do not share every detail of your life to the world. Keep some photos. Spare your friends and family members. You never know who is stalking you.

     How about you, what precautions do you practice when using social media? Leave it in the comment box below.

So, what can you say?