To The 19-year-old Me, 8 Years Ago: You Should Have Listened

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Things do happen for a reason. They are the results of our previous decisions and actions. They are the effects of the things we have already done. And, they will affect our future, they can make our break our life ahead.

Yet, there is no point now of regretting the things that have already been done. We can never bring it back to those days when we refused to do what is right. What we can only do now is to brace ourselves for the good or bad effects, that are about to happen. We can only hope that everything will be fine.

But, if only I could make things right, I wish I have listened.

FOCUS ON YOUR STUDIES. I wish I listened to my Mama when she said to focus only on my studies. My life as a student should not have been miserable if I did listen to her.  If I refused to join too many extra-curricular activities, I should have had enough time to study my lessons. I should have been able to answer the final Math exam. I should not have failed.

Though, it was not bad at all. From those activities, I have learned a lot too. Maybe not academically, but as a person. As a human being.

GUARD AND GUIDE YOUR HEART. I wish I listened to my spiritual leader, Ate En, when she kept on reminding me to guard and guide my heart. My heart should have been spared from a painful heartbreak, from too many heartaches.  I should not have been emotionally disturbed.

Though, I have been happy and inspired. I have experienced how it feels to love and to be loved by a young and innocent heart.

CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS. I wish I listened to Auntie Luz when she said, choose your friends and be careful who you trust. We can be friends with everyone, but we cannot trust all of them. Some will betray you. Some will take advantage of you.  Some will leave you behind. I wish there was a sensor which can detect who are good and bad friends for us.

Though, I have gained friends too, whom I thought will never be good to me. 

BE PRACTICAL. I wish I listened to my buddy, Devine, when she told me to be practical. I cannot compete with other people. I mean, I should not have joined with their luxurious life. The money you I had was not mine. It was my parents’ hard earned money. I should have saved it for future expenses, for things of more importance. My parents were not rich and their resources may be exhaust. 

DO NOT GIVE UP. I wish I listened to my professor when he said do not give up, try again even harder. Perhaps, I graduated in college with the degree I have long dreamed of. Hopefully, there were more job opportunities for me. Maybe I would have been happier.

Though, I am blessed too with where I am now.

Nevertheless, no matter what had happened it turned out that I am okay. I have overcome the test of life.

But, surely, it will serve as a reminder to me and hopefully to whoever may read this post, to learn how to listen to others. We may have our own minds, but there are things in life that we might be missing, but others can see.

There are some lessons in life that we will only learn if we listen to others.


4 thoughts on “To The 19-year-old Me, 8 Years Ago: You Should Have Listened

  1. Great advice and as an older wise person I can tell you at 19 we make lots of mistakes but it is those mistakes that make us better, we are meant to make them. I agree on some level about guarding your heart but not closing it. Without experiencing the pain of disappointment and heartbreak we never truly recognize real love.

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