1O Perks of Being Single

     Are you among those who pity their selves for being single? Are you in a rush too to find a partner? Well, hold yourself for a moment ‘coz you’re maybe missing some of the reasons why celebrate singlehood. Check out ten of the reasons why I love being single.    

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1. I own my Time.

“Come with me.”

“See you later.”

Too hectic schedule. That’s how life is when you live not just your life, but the life of your partner as well. You can’t make your own schedule without considering his.

Am I exaggerating it?

Okay then, let’s just say that he’s always on top of your priorities.

You’re always there for him.

All the time.

2. He can’t Hurt me!

Jealousy. Arguments. Heartaches.

They’re just part of being in a relationship.

It’s a package with happiness and sadness.

Once, twice, thrice and more hurts to come.

But what really scares me is the fact that no painkiller can soothe this kind of pain.

3. I have my Savings!


That’s what you do when you pay for his/her meal and fare.

When you throw party during her birthday or when you buy two movie tickets on your date.

You practice conjugality of financial liabilities.

4. I go wherever I wanna go.

Wherever he goes, you go.

You won’t go to your girls’ movie bonding because he has a basketball game with his friends on a Saturday. He needs your support.

Whenever she needs you, you’re there.

You missed your mom’s special recipe on a Sundays family lunch because she’s going to a party. She needs an escort.

5. I’m not a Robot.

Don’t ever do that again.

Don’t go there.

Don’t drink.

Text or call me.

You sleep now, it’s late.

It’s bad for you. Don’t eat that.

Don’t wear that. It’s too loud.

You have an exam, you must study now.

I need to buy something, come with me.

Do me a favor. I have a project.

(Oh, please. I don’t wanna make a long list here. Hope you get my point.)

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6. I got to Focus.

College. Work. Master’s degree. How about PhD?

Own House or condo. Car. Investments.

There are more to life than just being overwhelmed and spoiled by sweetness, and comfort relationships can offer to you.

There is a time for everything. 

There are too many options to choose from on what to achieve while still young. Cliche but true, you can’t serve two masters at the same time.

7. Mom, Dad, No Worries 

NO to PMS.

Maybe because I was raised in a conservative environment thus, I’m quite sensitive when it comes to issues about sex.

But for sure your parents won’t be happy to know their kid sharing bed with somebody who has not decided yet to spend the rest of his life with her. 

Not to mention, you’re definitely safe from STDs. 

8.  More time with Family and Friends


Often, people fail to notice the people around who loves them unconditionally, for who and what they are. The laughing and crying times spent with family and friends are the most genuine and worth keeping memories for a lifetime. Treasure every moment you spend with them. 

Spend more time with your family and friends.

9. I have every chance there is to meet a better partner.

Though I won’t advise you to collect and select, what I want tell you is that you’re not stuck to one person. You can meet other men/women. You have the freewill to explore the world and find where that perfect one is hiding.

10. Saving the Best for The Best

Scared. Anxious. Consumed.

 Scared that same story will repeat itself. Anxious how to make it work and last this time. Consumed such that you can no longer love the way you did before.

Love will teach you with too many lessons about life. But, isn’t it good to learn and grow old with someone who’s already decided not to give up and leave you even during the worst days of life?

Or perhaps NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth).

When you reserve yourself, you are definitely saving to give just the best of you to that one perfect person who’s going to protect and love you ‘til eternity. 

Your best is for the best too.

Be thankful that you’re single.

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10 thoughts on “1O Perks of Being Single

  1. I’m not single anymore but, boy, did I learn a lot about myself for the many years I was! I feel like I have the rest of my life with my husband (which makes me the luckiest!) but I am also SO VERY grateful for the years on my own!

  2. What an interesting point of view. I loved my “single days”, and I so much appreciate my married days! I think it is about creating the kind of relationship you want to have with yourself and a significant other. Cheers!

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