10 Signs You Are Bitter With Your Ex

     Some relationships start sweet and end sweet, but many have only a sweet beginning yet a bitter ending. Bitter because one was cheated, deceived or maltreated. Thus, she or He is hurt emotionally, or even physically and mentally.

     However, no matter what happened in that once a fairytale turned into a nightmare love story, one should learn to move on and free herself or himself from all the bitterness there exist.

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     An evidence that you have finally moved on is when you are no longer bitter with your ex. So if you think you’re done with your past relationship, then revalidate yourself from these ten signs you are bitter with your ex.

1. You don’t want to add him as a Facebook friend.

     You unfriended him after the break up because you don’t want to see his photo and his updates with his new found love. If you’re no longer bitter with your ex, then you should be able to stand seeing this kind of posts.

2. You can’t stay in the same place with him and his present.

     It is inevitable, eventually your paths will cross. Ex-lovers who are not in good terms would avoid seeing each other in the same place, especially if one is with his present partner or lover.

     If you are no longer bitter with your ex, seeing him with his current girlfriend should not give you an awkward feeling.

3. Whenever someone asks why you broke up, you still put all the blame to him. “Niloko niya ako!”

     If you have totally freed yourself from bitterness, you must be able to admit a relationship may succeed and may fail at the same time, because of the cooperative efforts of the two persons involved. 

4. You still block him in Facebook.

     You only block a person in Facebook if you are resentful of that person. So if you’re not bitter with your ex, then try considering unblocking him. 

5. You think you’re prettier than his present. “Mas maganda ako sa kanya!”

     One of the signs you are bitter with your ex is if you can’t accept that someone new is special and prettier in his eyes, may it be physical appearance or in character.

6. You publicly declare they will eventually go on separate ways. “Maghihiwalay din kayo!”

     No person without emotional grudges towards someone would wish his love life to be ruined.

7. You think he is a better person when he was still with you. “Nung kami pa…”

     One’s greatness can be subjective. As in the saying, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

8. You don’t want to talk about him and the relationship you had. “Wag na natin pag usapan, nakalimutan ko na .”

     The most evident sign you have moved on is when you are capable and comfortable talking about your ex and your relationship with him. Only those who still keep grudges can’t talk about the good and bad sides of the story.

9. You say negative things about his partner and their relationship.

     Among the signs you are bitter with your ex is if you can’t just keep your mouth shut when something seems wrong about his relationship, instead you criticize it and publicise it.  

10. You don’t wish him well. “Buti nga sa ‘yo!”

     For someone whom you once have loved, what you can only wish him for is all the good and happiness in life, as much as you want to have these.

     Easier said than done, but I tell you there is no easy way,but to go through the entire process. First, accept that he is just a human: not perfect and could be wrong in many ways. He might have wronged you, but that is not all who he is. Second, forgive! Forgive him for all the things he has done which have hurt to you.

     How many of the signs you are bitter with your ex, are you positive? Do you have friends whom your think are guilty of these? Tag them in the comment section.

     Am I missing something? Speak you mind.  Leave us a comment.

3 thoughts on “10 Signs You Are Bitter With Your Ex

  1. True, but some relationships take a form of toxicity requiring restraining orders, legal action… For these there may never be amicable healing, just walk away. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. #10 for sure. If what you feel is love, you will want for them only their happiness. If you were putting your own worth into their opinion, that is not love. Peace be with you, April

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